Friday, November 17, 2006

good news for lebanese

not all Lebanese, of course - that would be outright scandalous! Just a segment of the population. However, assuming that adult males constitute something like 35 percent of Lebanon's population, I would think this information impacts, say, 33 percent of Lebanese. Anyways, let me just cut to the point: a recent HealthDay article about the links between diet and cancer, said the following:
male smokers who eat foods containing high amounts of vitamin E – such as nuts, whole grains and green leafy vegetables – may have a decreased risk of developing tobacco-related cancers.
Ever wonder why your grand pa hasn't died of cancer yet even though he's 90 and he's been smoking since he was 13? Well, there you go! This little snippet of information could be Ghassan Tueini's secret of longevity. Take heed, and go stuff yourself with nuts!


Anonymous said...

Good thing that there's no shortage of nuts in Lebanon.

Guy Barry said...

What do you mean ?Not everyone in Lebanon is Hezbollah

Lirun said...

so many anglos are nuts intolerant..