Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Second Independence Government

In his latest press conference, PM Seniora called the current government the government of the Second Independence.

PM Seniora added: "My brother, Pierre, send my greetings to Rafik, to Bassil, to Samir, to George, to Gebran and to all those who died for freedom. You all did not die in vain, you did not die for a mirage, you died for a homeland, and Lebanon is our homeland."


"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


JoseyWales said...

Beautiful Fuad. Now fucking do something!

Doha said...

We'll see. The March 14 forces, including this time Seniora, are meeting in Saifi, the Kataeb headquarters in Beirut.

We've got to do something other than just talk.

carine said...

as i was watching the speech, it kept sounding like he was wrapping things up but i thought to myself, "no, seniora's speeches are never over until he says something so touching it brings tears to our eyes."

it was the line you quoted that did it for me this time.

carine said...

yes, we need action. but i'm pretty sure we're going to see it this time.

i just hope it's the right kind.

Avraham said...

Hi. I've never posted on here before, but after seeing yet another assassination, I felt compelled to. First, I would like to offer my condolences to both the family members of Mr. Gamayel and to the Lebanese people. I am disgusted by the destruction and manipulation of Lebanon by outsiders, including Israel. I must say, however, that Lebanon is not part of Syria and Hizbullah is not just an offshoot of Amal but an outside influence. Despite what many claim, Hizbullah doesn't care about Lebanon but simply are positioning themselves and using the soil and blood of Lebanon as their pawns. So many people in Lebanon, Christian, Sunni and Shia have been killed by these sickos. As long as these non-governmental forces interfere, Lebanon will always be captive. Once the jewel of the Outre Mer, it has been destroyed in an ongoing fashion since the PLO entered Lebanon. Israel is not your enemy, Jews aren't your enemy and the US isn't your enemy. At the same time, I doubt that any nation is truly your friend, unfortunately due to these groups and Syria. Personally, I think everyone should pray for Lebanon and also for Seniora, for his safety and that he not capitulate to Syria.

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed to hear the news of yet another assassination.

And I grieve yet again for your wounded country.

Sherri said...

I still read posts on this website, from habit. And I read the news of this death on this website this morning. I am so sad for Lebanon, and the people of Lebanon, after everything the country and people have gone through since July. Lebanon stayed united, through it all. And I hope and pray Lebanon can get through this, without another war.

I can't help but believe it was someone outside the country responsible for this, Syria or Israel. I cannot believe any of the groups or people within Lebanon would do this and risk starting another war.

I will keep praying for peace in Lebanon and that everyone is well.

Lirun said...

sherri.. why do you not surprise me..

never miss an opportunity to spout conspiracy theories.. god forbid it may encourage people to take positive action..

what a terrible time..

as i did during the conflict between our countries only months ago.. i continue to wish peace on my neighbour up north..