Friday, April 28, 2006

Beat the damned woman into submission

Another article in the Dailystar about another woman beaten to death by her husband and brother.

So what was this woman's "crime?" Did she cheat on her husband? Did she "dishonor" her family in any way? Not even! The woman's only death-deserving crime was that she "frequently had disagreements with her husband."

She was 30. She brought two children into this world. The Dailystar does not even give her a name. She's just "a woman." I am going to call her Iman because, whoever she is, she deserves a name.

So what is the ridiculous twist to this story?

Iman's brother and husband were merely following the advice of someone they percieved to be worthy of offering it: a sheikh. The sheikh diagnosed Iman as "being possessed by demons." He then prescribed "beating her hard on the head until the evil spirit leaves her soul."

Tomorrow life will go on. We'll forget about Iman. Next month we'll read another similar story in the Dailystar. And life will go on!

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