Saturday, April 08, 2006

Here is something to be proud of

Out of 612 hotels managed by the InterContinental Hotel Group, InterContinental Vendome in Beirut, was one of four rewarded by the mother company for delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.

"Guest satisfaction" was measured by the Guest Satisfaction Score (GSS) Index. There were four winners; one for each of the brands owned by the hotel group:'

  1. InterContinental (Winner: InterContinental Vendome, Beirut)
  2. Crown Plaza (Winner: Crown Plaza, Dublin Airport)
  3. Holiday Inn (Winner: Holliday Inn, Kuwait)
  4. Express by Holiday Inn (Winner: Express, London Chingford-North Circular)

Here's a lame idea: let's have a CSS Index (Citizenship Satisfaction Score Index). How well do you think our politicians would perform?

Voting is supposed to guage their performance, but for some inexplicable reason, Lebanese tend to vote for all the wrong reasons! The CSS Index is our solution!


Aounopolis said...

I think a CSS would render Hezbollah's leaders as the "most satisfying" because their blind followers will vote out of loyalty and peer pressure.

As would the freaky-orange-klan, with their new found orange gas stations and orange water bottle caps, these guys are all about imposing perceived satisfaction on their masses of sheep.

I think the only true solution is to have a "blind taste test"... blindfold voters and have an independent bystandard read the campaign initiatives, pro's and cons of each candidate without naming names, religions or parties.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Politicians should work at the hotel for a couple of months. Maybe they'll understand the concept of customer/citizen satisfaction.

frencheagle said...

vendome is a boutique hotel concept, no wonder.

boutique hotel are "special cases"

in lebanon we should compare le vendome to the albergo and here le vendome is loosing its rank

the ranking u re showing is belonging to international hotel chains and the vendome is a special case as a part of the intercontinental chain.

Craoun Plaza said...

funny how french-bald-eagle doesn't make any sense when he talks about business too. for a moment there, I was begining to think he might have some area of knowledge... but obviously he's just a douche.

frencheagle said...

@ craoun

if u were having some brain which i doubt as i already told u in the past:
u would see in that post an underlined critic to raja proposition
boutique hotels are a concept of fashionable hotels, costumized, each room being different but no more then 100 suites, usually with an average of 25 to 30 suites (and not rooms)
the same think apply for politics
le vendome is a boutique hotel, we cannot generalise it to all the intercontinental chain as intercontinental is a "factory" compared to le vendome

small in such case if beautiful, contrary to the business saying: big is beautiful

and here goes the critic:
same thing applies to countries.
what u can do that on a small scale : munipalities cannnot be applied when it comes to generalise it to a country, u simply cannot bcz of the scale.

i was also talking about the albergo as far i prefer the albergo to le vendome ;), more cozy , fine restaurant, im feeling more satisfied to be in the albergo then in le vendome.

each one its choice

Craoun Plaza said...

"each one its choice"

I assume you meant to say "to each his own"

damn frenchies trying to speak english! get a phrasebook (and a life while u'r at it) french beagle.

frencheagle said...

@ craoun

sorry usually when i m having time to answer u, it s late at night. if u think i didnt have hard time during the day with such people like u without brains
u re wrong ;)