Monday, April 10, 2006

Mr. X Is Nabih Berri!

As I read through the Lebanese papers and newssites, as usual every morning, I came across this revelation: Do you remember the famous, controversial "Mr. X" in one of UN Investigator Mehlis's reports?

Well check out what Rustom Ghazaleh said in an interview with the Kuwaiti Al-Rai Al-Aam newspaper yesterday:

The investigators, when Detlev Mehlis was in charge, have focused on recordings of calls made to Rafik Hariri and Nabih Berri...
No further comment!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

Doha, please remind us of the significance of Mr. X.

acrobat said...

old news doha, everyone in beirut knew this a long time ago.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

This is not an explicit confirmation. And as acrobat pointed out, all Beirut is already suspecting Berri so a suplementory implicit hint will not really change anything.

Doha said...

good for you acrobat! you should create a blog and keep us posted of what's being said and known in Beirut.

Doha said...

we all speculated back in october that mr. x is berri, but that's the first time that ghazaleh has talked about the mehlis report and has confirmed that the calls intercepted are those berri.

Aounonymous said...

thanks for the news Doha! Who cares what acrobat thinks everyone in Beirut supposedly knows about.

shades9662 said...

Thanks Doha. Acrobat, you're probably right in everything you said, however, those of us living abroad (myself included) are usually far removed from the political atmosphere in Beirut and Lebanon.

Eitherway, Ya Libnan's article only highlights the news story as a new revelation and the need to keep us immigrants informed.


acrobat said...

well sorry that i ruffled your feathers again doha, but it is true that this has been old news - didn't you notice the relative indifference it was greeted by in the lebanese press?

PS shades: i do not live in beirut either.

frencheagle said...

therefore should we remove first lahoud or berry ?
berry is now a complice of hariri's murderer by being informed ...

AbdulKarim said...

The question should be asked is why the Syrians chose to expose Berri at this stage? That's the significance of the revelation by Ghazale. Is it a warning for him because he showed willingness to back up March 14 bids to oust Lahhoud? One thinh for sure, it is a warning from Syria to Berri.

Anonymous said...

AbdulKarim, you hit the nail on the head. Doha, indeed, the story is important and very worthwhile. Acrobat, you "gots" to learn to read between the lines, to scratch beneath the surface..


frencheagle said...

"Is it a warning for him because he showed willingness to back up March 14 bids to oust Lahhoud?"
berry was always against all the moves toward a free lebanon and planted the seeds of the future problems lebanon will know:
the last year electoral period leading to legitimacy problems concerning a possible new presidential election
the paralysis of the institutions as we knew 4 months ago etc...

he was always moving against the interest of the so called "14 of march" movement (which is in my mind all the population and not politicians that spoliate us from the dynamics that was about to lead us to a real revolution ousting all the people that collaborated with the syrians ie berry and joumblatt for ex .

who lately went even to qatar to say that assad wasnt involved in the crime ? it s berry.

what is more interesting is how hariri's group attack someone that doesnt have any power like lahoud since we are in a parlementary system but not a the real center of the pro syrian power: berry.

so why berry is protected by the 14 of march ?

bcz he s an alternative to the hezbollah? berry doesnt have a strong popularity anymore as the last municipal elections showed.
more then that he is involved in many financial scandals
if u remember that airplane that crashed in africa... the problem of the south counsil, the control of the CNSS and of some security services.

i guess that as we say in french: "les loups ne se mangent pas entre eux."
wolves do not eat themselves.

i guess anyway berry is so much involved in many scandals where we have the involvement of some politicians that were collaborating with the syrians in the time of the occupation and that got their virginity back since that he must blackmail them and feel secured by that.

now to come on the syrian point:
the syrian's regime, is agonising so anyway they dont ve anything to loose or anything to gain from such statement, they are just saying the truth from their part as collaborating and giving hints to brammeztr

Anonymous said...


Berri is scum, but so is Lahoud. By being against Lahoud, it does not mean that you are in bed with Berri! You (il) logic does not make sense.

Or is it that you are developing a sudden affection for Emile, as Micho seems to be these days :)


frencheagle said...

targetting lahoud when he doesnt have power is a non sense
if u re into strategy , u re acting again real leverage powers and not against ghosts

who has the most leverage in our political system? who paralysed the adoption last year of an electoral law that would have been correcting many of the problems we have now ?

by doing too many compromises, the current governemnt lost the confidence of the population that think and of the local elites
u should go and ask elite sunnit families in beirut what they think about the future for ex... very interesting :
the people i know answered:
we re in a bad situation and it s gonna be worst. they are pulling now their wealth out of the country to the gulf states as the risks of destabilisation are today so huge.
go and ask the chritian elite families ... same answer etc...

we have first to calm down the situation as rethink the whole system.

one person told me lately that the young like us missed last year the opportunity to overthrow the consitution and replace it by a new more modern regime with a strong executive and to stop communautarism.

we failed last year our revolution even if we succeeded the liberation of lebanon from the syrian occupation
we failed as the local political class spoliated us from our aspiration for laicism in the administration, for an equaliterian society etc...
this is why we are loosing our illusion. we cannot be confident into a political class that stolen our revolution to continue their sectarism and communautaristic personal interests.

for me lahoud is therefore a minor problem as we need first to concentrate on the reasons of this failure and theses reasons stand first in the will of berry not to amend the electoral law of 2000 which brough us the current situation we are in today.
another parameter is the dialogue where the civil society doesnt have any place but where the places are for religious/ethnical groups.
the 14 of march also exacerbated the communautaristic feelings that were the seeds of the 75 civil war and when i m looking to the current geopolitical situation of the region IE irak, Israel and the risks in syria, i m afraid of a contamination through this weakeness of lebanon.