Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Lahoud saga reflects Lebanon's saga

Lebanese Politician A: "Well... if you don't accept my position on this matter, I'm perfectly willing to live with the current situation"

Lebanese Politician B:
"So am I"

Lebanese Politician C:
"Hey... if I don't get what I want, neither of you get change either!"

You know something... with attitudes such as these, it is a miracle that our civil war came to some sort of an end. In our society, if a plumber does not have an opinion about everything from cockroaches to god, then he's not worth the worn-out socks he wears every day to work! Never mind a politician.

I can't even fathom the number of times our "leaders" have decided to leave things the way they were because they could not find it in them to arrive at a consensus regarding how to move forward.
  • How many utterly useless Presidents and Prime Ministers have Lebanese had to live with because their leaders could not agree on a successor (or a more suitable alternative)?
  • How many projects have never left the drawing board? Projects like a new Beirut-Damascus highway, shelved in filing cabinets since the 1950s. Projects that could improve the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese.
  • For how long has Lebanon's energy sector been in crisis? For almost 2 decades, successive governments have been launching the same damn "rescue package" for EDL without any outcomes.

It would appear that Lebanese enjoy living with 12 hours of electricity a day. It's expected of us! We need to keep our leaders in positions of strength! So we should be willing to eat crap if they ask us to. Anything... so long as "the others" don't get what they want!

Sometimes... I wonder.

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