Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Oppression Continues

"You are under arrest for Slander!"

No, no... this is not the Syrian Mukhabarat arresting a guy for saying that Bashar Assad was not God.

That little quote is what they told Mohammed Moghraby before sending him to trail in a military court for slandering the military!!!

It appears, my friends, that old habbits die hard. Poor SOB! This is a relic of the occupation. This type of arrest is what those stupid pro-Arab junkies are protecting! "You are under arrest for drinking Pepsi instead of Coke" ... And after a mockery of trial (if they even bother), you'll be sent to solitary confinement for the rest of your life.

Allah... Praise the Arab Nation - and Syria in particular for standing up to those Satan Worshipers across the Mediteranean and the Atlantic!

Allah... Thank You for Sending us Your Party to Earth to protect us from those Satan worshipers!


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

I can't belive that he's still under trial! Can't a civilian court order his liberation??

The Angry moron is happy about it as he keeps saying that the guy is an LF, is that true? I know nothing on Moghraby's background.

makdom said...

Everything we do in the course of 'Allah' will be rewarded. Insha allah.

Raja said...

Everything I do in the course of 'Satan' will be rewarded.

Insha Shaitan!

EvilConCarne said...

If I am not wrong, it was in the newspaper the other day that the charges were dropped and the trial ended with him being set free.

frencheagle said...

@ evil

u re not wrong

the guy went in the front of the european council last week to describe his situation and after the charges against him were dismissed...