Monday, November 28, 2005

And the Man of the Year award goes to...

This is what the regime in Damascus offers us! Oh my God! I really want to know what this "khaaazou2" was supposed to do for the Syrian regime. Is this a case of the Syrians screaming uncle!?!?! Are they telling us: Okay, you Lebanese... you got us! Here's this idiot... you can crack some Homsi jokes now... Just leave us alone!

Are we good? Can we shake hands now?

I'm marking my calendar! Oh, and as if on cue, Wi'am Wagoofy opens his big fat mouth again to say that Fares Khashan should be a suspect in Mehlis' investigation and Interior Minister Hassan el Sabeh should resign because the allegations made by this Homsi are "quite serious." I actually feel bad for Wagoofy! I feel bad for him because his paymasters are turning him into the laughing stock of Lebanon.

You see the regime in Damascus is trying hard to mend its relations with us and is conveying the following message: "here, we're not only giving you the opportunity to come up with new Homsi jokes, we're also giving you Wagoofy.... Crack as many jokes as you want on him!"

If only I had a picture of The Druze Goofy! I'd give him the honour of sharing the Man of the Year title. But... what can I say? Whoever said life was fair?

In all seriousness though, this man appears to have attempted to infiltrate the investigation and failed. His initial contact with Mehlis and Khashan prove that he at least tried. His failed infiltration only increases the credibilty of the Mehlis investigation. By concocting such a public affairs fiasco, it appears that the regime may be trying to make the best out of the investment they sunk into this project.


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd land you a google search :-)
You may be able to crop this one


Assaad said...

Is it a star academy price ? :P.
I think that they like theatre and cinema and they worked on their level when they were in Lebanon