Thursday, November 10, 2005

When He Spoke: Sowing Seeds Of Discord

I mean how can someone not talk about Syria when you're Lebanese? How can one do that especially with what is going on now between Syria and Lebanon? It would be insane, I would be blind and deaf.

Today, the Syrian President Assad spoke. We were all waiting for his speech; yes we, the Lebanese. But what he said alas truely hurt....and was disrespectful. First, he was saying "Hariri" when referring to the late Rafiq Hariri without saying "May he rest in peace" or the "martyr" Hariri (perhaps he's not a martyr in his view), or even simply the word, the "late" Hariri, or at least his full name.

Second, he deduced (through a convoluted way) that the Future Movement has made the late Hariri a traitor and has also insulted him by not blaming Israel for the attack. He even called them, "Buyers and Sellers of Blood" (ie. killers).

Third, he disrespected PM Seniora, who truely never said anything out of protocol towards any Syrian official on record, when he said that he's a slave of his master-slave (Saad Hariri).

Fourth, he ridiculed the concept of the truth which we have been asking for and asserted that Lebanon is a place where conspiracies against Syria are not only planned, but also funded. He also made fun of those who claimed that the Syrian presence in Lebanon over the past 30 years was called by those Lebanese as, the era of Syrian tutelage.

Fifth, he divided based on his own judgement the Lebanese: those who are traitors and those who are true nationalists. And of course he reminded everyone that the new 17 May Accord needs to be foiled.

I ask: why is the Syrian regime sowing seeds of discord amongst the Lebanese? Haven't we had enough?

The seeds of discord have already surfaced as the Hizbullah and Amal Ministers left this evening's Ministerial meeting. Why? They are protesting the addition of an item from outside the meeting's agenda, namely coming up with a response to President Bashar's statement. They left because they don't want to be part of defending Lebanon and the Lebanese from being called traitors, and everything else that is petty. They stepped out lest they are called traitors...they are the nationalists.

You should see the sight of reporters almost verbally attacking with their questions Labor Minister Hamade after he left the meeting. They were disappointed that they walked out.

Well guess what? The rest of the ministers remained and are determined to come up with an official "LEBANESE" response...which I'm still waiting for to be issued.

I am disappointed. I am afraid. In response to President Assad's speech, PM Seniora answered back briefly while attending an opening of a French cultural event in Beirut by saying out loud that Lebanon is an Arab country that is democratic, free, and independent! Everyone stood up and applauded.

Where are we heading? What is our fate? There is so much blood and death in our part of the world, it is disheartening. Is there an end in sight? Is my family going to be safe back home, or even anywhere in this world?

It's gloomy today and bleak. There is nothing to do but sit and wait...our fate being determined by others...

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...


Bashar is "sowing discord" because he percieves himself to be under threat.

If he is innocent, then he should let the investigators into the country and do their thing. Let them open all the files, and interogate whomever they wish to interogate.

He portrays himself as a victim of the Western Conspiracy to destroy Arabism, yet, he does not recognize that he is the one who put himself in this situation!

The man has just declared war. Good riddens to bad rubbish!

JoseyWales said...

I think Hezbo is losing ground, too slowly but they are. (No one is that stupid, and the truth always comes out.)

One of the problems is no one will verbally attack them. Someone should say to Hezbo and write on Hezbo, daily , like their frigging statements: you don't like Saniora fine.

1) You are the traitors, for siding with a foreign (criminal and ex-occupier) head of state against you own PM

2) Get the hell out of the government.

JoseyWales said...

One more thing Doha, as sad as it is,
what did you expect?

That years of Baathism/madness/idiocy would disappear overnight?

Very depressing, but not surprising.

Fouad said...

Yeslam timmik ya Doha..

Firas said...

Perhaps most telling about his views on Lebanon's rigth to even exist, he reffered to our Tripoli as "Trablous Al Shaam." (ie Tripoli of Syria) Doha since you're from Tripoli you should tell the little cub loud and clear what nationality you are.

WB said...

It is not the Lebanese people who are in trouble, it is the Syrian governement and eventually the Syrian people. This speech is nothing but deseperate talk from a person being cornered and isolated day after day. I can see clearly that Syria will have the same fate as Iraq 10 years ago. Sanctions are the next step. Bashar, just like Saddam, will resist, and 10 years after, just when Iraq is on its feet, USA might attack Syria. One big loser out of this: the Syrian people. Too bad we don't learn from past mistakes!

Americans for Syria said...

Bashar is the leader of you -Lebanese scum.
If it weren't for the Assad's family you'd have burned your entire whores-exporting so-called country. If it weren't to Syria you would have been now way too far from the last state on Worst- countries-of-the-world list.
It's very simple : If Syria burns, Lebanon will go to hell. So top your filth and go get a job.

Victor said...

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