Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Opium Of The Masses: Food for Oppression

...So after all this stalling, I guess there was a price for giving up the 5 Syrian witnesses to the U.N. Commission investigating Hariri's murder. The price is Hussam's "confessions" on Syrian TV. It is clear, that in return for giving up Syrian officers for questioning, the Syrian regime is trying to bolster its position in its public's eyes...or else, such yielding of power and "sovereignty" would lead to disasterous outcomes on the Syrian streets.

It is clear that the Syrian regime treats its peoples like they are simplistic, and easily swayed by hearsay and rumor. Perhaps the regime is targeting those who are simplistic and parochial; perhaps they compose that popular Baathist base. As for all those other Syrians, isn't it embarassing to hear Hussam talking and using obscene language and still be counted as credible? Isn't it shameful that such cheap moves be sponsored by your government? Isn't your government truely mistreating your intelligence?

A lot of what Hussam said during the press conference were quickly disproved on the news yesterday. An example was the whole story of the car that Mehlis gave to Hussam as a gift. I mean, why would he give out the car's plate number only making it easy for the Lebanese to locate the car and find out that it's nothing like what he described it to be? Is he mocking us, the Lebanese? Is he messing around with us?

It is clear that this media stint is food for the Syrian publics, of course not the Lebanese. But again, what a strategy on the part of the Syrian regime to spew more "opium to the masses."

I think it's enough of treating your people like that. They're not even allowed to question Hussam's credibility out of fear. These games only show us more as Lebanese that the Syrian regime is implicated in one way or another in Hariri's assassination...or else why the games?

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Check Dr. Landis' blog, it's hilarious.

Hashem said...

Good post. I couldn't agree more! The Syrian regime has been very worried about the internal situation, more so than the external one. This was clear on many occasions since the release of the Mehlis report.


Lazarus said...

I'm not sure if a lot of what he said was disproved - it was attacked sure, but i'm not sure it was disapproved. This will last for a while, and could taint the report, even if it is all true.

And I don't want to seem cynical, but I don't think our politicians are treating us any differently. They also spew their propaganda, without explanations. But they have the banner of democracy and freedom to protect them.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there are in Lebanon newspapers and free press, the fact that there are government and election, the fact that president changes hands and the fact that public figures do not stay forever like in Syria, makes big difference between Syria and Lebanon. Thank you for your article and the credit you have given to the average person who can see and read the mocking international court through the drama episode on Syrian TV. It is shameful to read and see this and at the same time we do not have the venue to criticize it, reject it or denounce it. Forty years of depression should be enough for this governing style; we hope the future would be better government without clowns. We wish for a dictator free country and a government not in the hands of few.

Shameful Syrian