Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Gun and the Atlantic Ocean

How do you oppose, argue or debate with someone who has a gun to your head? Why do I have to choose between a semblance of dull normalcy and participating in "dreaded" politics?
Across the Atlantic Ocean....
I just visited a Senator from the State Legislature of Maryland. His name is Robert J. Garagiola. I went to the meeting in my capacity as a member of the Solar Energy Coalition of Maryland. The meeting was great... the guy was exploding with ideas... he was so gung ho and excited about our combined efforts that he even made most of us advocates look cynical and jaded. At the end of the meeting we came up with a package of bills that he is going to champion in the next legislative session which starts in January.

At one point during the meeting, something hit me. The guy I was talking to was in his mid thirties... He was almost childish in his excitement... and I could feel that somewhere in his head he believed that he wanted to change his world for the better. It didn't take too long to get rid of the spell of intimidation that I was under, and begin to identify with the guy!

Why not? Was he not (relatively) my age? Was he also not somewhat as naive as I was? Hey it could happen to anyone, right? Hard work... a vission... good people skills....
Back across the Atlantic...
That gun... it's still stuck to my head! Politics? Who ever heard of such a thing? Hey, if I mind my own business and pay the right people the right amount, no one will bother me.... I'm leaving politics to the people who have guns. Dreams... "Bettering the world"... aaah, whoever heard of such things?!?! I need to take care of myself and the family.


Solomon2 said...

I don't understand.

Doha said...


I didn't know that you had a "novelesque" side to you. Great post; your analogy might be extreme but it has truth to it.

Raja said...

Solomon, try to understand. If you do, you might see into the souls of a whole lot of people.

a bit of context to help you out.

I am from the Middle East. I am also blessed (?) with the fortune (?) of having an American passport.

I work and learn in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

You mean American citizenship. I understand that many Lebanese have a hard time fathoming such a concept as abstract as citizenship (as opposed to the obvious material benefits of such), but it's time they practice.

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