Thursday, November 17, 2005

My favorite politician in Lebanon

Assem Qanso is one of those model politicians everyone simply adores. Yesterday, the head of Syria's Ba'th Party in Lebanon threatened to kill Prime Minister Seniora because Lebanon is ruled by "200 intelligence agents who are lead by Interior Minister Hassan el Sabaa." Such precise information is available to none but the best and brightest, you see!

I like Qanso because he is an idiot! He just opens his mouth and blurts everything out. After hearing what he said yesterday, my blood pressure rose for a few seconds, then I simply thought "Okay, I rest my case."

I rest my case because the head of Syria's Ba'ath Party in Lebanon has just threatened to kill Lebanon's new Prime Minister, Fouad Seniora. Okay, please tell me why hasn't he been arrested? Why hasn't someone taken this idiot to court? They have the tapes of the interview, don't they? Come on!!! Let's start setting standards and red lines in Lebanon! I'm all for freedom of speech, but we have to have standards that dictate "responsible" speech, as well as standards that define treason!

Anyways, from a political stand point, I would want nothing more than a free Assem Qanso who remains leader of the Ba'ath Party in Lebanon. My condition is that all the TV networks give him at least five minutes of air time a day. It seems that the more he talks the more he makes a fool out of himself, his followers and his paymasters.

Go Qanso!


Charles Malik said...

I like your new pic, Raja. You've come back charging.

Raja said...

thanks LP!

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Kanso is not an idiot, is a Baathist. The guy probably didn't want to threaten Siniora, he only spoke without thinking. Now he's trying to deny these claims but the interview seems to have been taped !

Anyway the government has better things to do than to focus on the Baath and their 20 followers. Keep Kanso at the head of the Baath. On the long run, idiots like Kanso and Bashar tend to neutralize themselves.

Anonymous said...

ah come on Raja, he's not worth a comment.