Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Fundies Strike Again!

Yesterday in Jordan, three idiots who thought they were going to heaven to sleep with 100 or something virgins blew themselves up. A cousin of a dear friend of mine died in that explosion. He was 38 years old. He was engaged to get married in 2 months. He was a Jordanian. He was a Muslim.

I wonder how many similar stories exist in Jordan and Iraq. People who are still young, who are Muslim, yet who die because some depressed, sexually frustrated men want to... (I really don't know what it is they want to do).

The question now is: how do you stop these people? I spent about 30 minutes before getting on this computer asking myself this question. How do you stop idiots who want to kill themselves and kill others with them? What can Arabs and Muslims do to their fellow Arabs and Muslims that others cannot do for the sake of avoiding international uproar?

1. Should the bombers' families or villages be arrested? I don't think such an initiative would inhibit too many... Maybe the entire village or family should be wiped out! Yes, yes, I know... they are all innocent... but weren't the victims of the suicide bombers innocent too?

2. Should authorities target the women relations of bombers? Maybe, since these men percieve women to be their most precious possession, they will think more about the women here on earth than the virgins in heaven.

3. I really have no idea. I am frustrated and angry. I am frustrated and angry....

UPDATE: Al Qaeda has supposedly attempted to justify its pathetic attacks on Jordan by posting an explanation of why they targeted the hotels on a website. This is a first. I hope they continue this practice. The more they explain, the less credible they look.

They claimed that the hotels hosted Israeli and American intelligence services, were also a "rear base" for NATO troops going to Iraq, and were a "secure place for the filthy Israeli and Western tourists to spread 'corruption' and 'adultery' at the expense and suffering of the Muslims in these countries."

Of course, no al Qaeda statement is complete without a direct reference to women: "we have never noticed them caring when they shed the blood of Muslims and rape the honor of the 'decent women'...."

Such bullshit! Such idiocy! Too many people buy this crap. Too many.


Lazarus said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend's cousin. It makes these things so much more poignant.

AbdulKarim said...


My condolences for your friend's family.Obviously you were in an emotional state when you posted this article,for non of the above are measures that will stop this madness.Honeslty,I don't have the answer on how to tackle them but I believe we should start at the root of the problem.

How does our society produce individuals who believe in such activities and willingly commit them?