Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The cost of "going it alone"

Mustapha at Beirut Spring uploaded this image onto his blog. It is the message the Israelis want Lebanese to read. It is a thought that most Lebanese have in their minds. Israeli propagandists hit the bull's eye.

Hizballah may have the military means to "go it alone," just like the United States had the military capability to invade Iraq. Hizballah's actions though are much more egregious since it was not able to even gain a majority consensus within the country it claims to be a part of! We may be at a formal state of war with Israel, but we are also formally under a state of armstice.

Just like when the "Big Satan" suffered from consequences caused by its snub to the international community, Hizballah must accept that using a go-it-alone strategy will only increase its vulnerability in the home front. If the hizb wants to maintain its precarious legitimacy at home and gain recognition in the world as a "Lebanese political party," it needs to behave much more responsibly.


sam said...

Thank you very much State of Israel for blowing up any credibility we (Lebanese critics of Hizbullah) had with Southern supporters of the Party of God. I'm dumbfounded and confused. Don't Israelis know that for many shiite southerners Israel is a synonym for Satan? Reminds me of the time some of Bush's speeches indirectly (inadvertedly I think) helped diminish the reformists' popularity in Iran.
I don't know if the flyer was a naïve message from the heart, or an attempt at reverse psychology, or a mixture of both. What's sure is that it won't help us one bit.

By the way, I am very disappointed with all my favorite bloggers: no analysis of what's going on in Israel right now, although it's historical. Why? Is it intentional or due to a lack of interest? I have to admit that I don't know why I'm interested myself, but I do have a feeling that it will affect Lebanon one way or another...


Raja said...

sam I agree,

I have been considering whether or not to comment on the Israeli political scene for quite some time now. The recent developments have been historic, and definitely earth-shaking.

I may post something soon.

programmer craig said...

There are no reformists in Iran, Sam. WHere you been the last 15 years?

Diminish the reformists's popularity in Iran. Pfffttt.

That's like saying Hezbollah is the "party of god" or something. Everyone who thinks God will be happy to see hezbollah murderers raise their hand. I want to know who the evil people are. What qualifies a murderer to compare other people to Satan, anyway?

The ME is mind boggling.

Look at the bright side though. Those leaflets could have been bombs. Israel has a right to defend itself with lethal force, as it has before, and as it will again. I'm sure. Would you have prefferred that? Hezbollah would have.

Hani G. said...

Hi Raja, I'm glad you have developed this blog. I read it often and I have come to learn that you've built a suitable ground for healthy debates even if some are from programmer Craig.
Hizballah does need to behave more responsibly for it is alienating the Lebanese public especially when battles are flared on a time like Lebanon's independence day. However, you can't compare the actions of the US to that of Hizballah. While one waves a police mans stick in the direction of any country or person seen defying Israel, another is just flexing its muscles for some attention. I was actually very sad that 4 Lebanese young men gave their lives for a political stunt. Lets not forget that Hizballah are Lebanese.
Forgive me programmer Craig, but although I also want the dissarmament of Hizballah, I certainly won't support that taking place under pressure from the likes of you and those wishing peace for Israel at the expense of security of the Lebanese in the South. I am in full support of the Lebanese Army and I believe it was the wrong decision not to replace the IDF with the Lebanese Army in 2002, however I don't believe the time is ripe to disarm Hizballah. Certainly not when there are insecurities among their supporters. Western pressure on Hizballah is only creating the opposite effect, just as Israeli bombing of Beirut did in many of their failed operations of the 90's.
If the Middle East is mind boggling to you then I urge you not to voice your opinion as you may only be causing more boggling to a feeble mind.
If your interpretation of the bright side is the dropping of papers from f-16's which 'do much' to calm the noise polution in our tiny country instead of bombs, then it a bright side I don't want to see. You are misinformed and I suggest you stick to programming. Don't patronise a people as a whole by stating that Israel has a right to defend itself. We all have a right to defend ourselves! We know these are testing times for us and I believe we are stepping in the right direction. Right now what is more important to us is national reconciliation, a healthy economy and peace for all the people of Lebanon. Frankly the solving of Hizballah's weapons so northern Israel can feel more secure is very much secondary.

programmer craig said...

Well, forgive ME, Hani, but I'm not interested in reconciliation with Hezbollah, or with understanding them or relating to them. Hezbollah has been my enemy, personally, since 1983 - and as long as Hezbollah is in Lebanon, Lebanon will be MY enemy, even if it's not an enemy of my nation. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. They roam freely in Lebanon, which makes Lebanon a state sponsor of terrorism. You guys have a big problem on your hands with Hezbollah, and "reconciling" with them may solve YOUR problems, but it won't solve MINE. Hezbollah is not Lebanon's problem, alone. I also have a personal stake in this. Hezbollah has a lot of American blood on it's hands.

sam said...

FYI Craig,
I only called Hezbollah the "Party of God" because that is the exact translation of their name to English. I'm not defending them, I hate their extremism as much as anybody. They have done horrible acts since the early 80's, but so have the LF, PLO, Amal, etc, not to mention the Syrian and Israeli soldiers. After 91, they remained the only armed militia, and focused mainly on killing IDF soldiers who were occupying the south. They should be disarmed now, but because of the inexplicable Lebanese tolerance for criminals in power (Berri, Joumblatt, Geagea who was recently released etc..) I don't know...