Sunday, November 20, 2005


I don’t usually read Naharnet, and I rarely read anything by Gebran Twaini, but I was going over an editorial of his and read this remark:

“Any action against the government would be against the country and the people, and all those who back it would be collaborators in the war President Assad launched against Lebanon and its vocation.”

Does this qualify as “Takhwin” & “2irhab fikri”?

To our readers who don’t know Arabic, takhwin is the act of calling someone a traitor. The term was heavily used in the Syrian era because the authorities would label as “pro-Israel” or “pro-America” many people who went against their will.

2irhab fikri is literally “mental terrorizing”. Again the threat of the tag is sometimes enough terror to stop people from freely practicing their beliefs.


Anonymous said...

You are right.
Gebran is a fascist clown

Raja said...

One would expect more from a politician who is also a journalist.

Lazarus said...

True raja, one would. But this isn't a first that he says things that are on par with the above. What is more surprising than his comment is that there is a growing number of people who "follow" him ...

Anonymous said...

growing number of people who "follow" him

Wasn't he the same guy to talk about sheeps? funny indeed, this man is really a hypocrite.