Friday, December 23, 2005

Butros Harb, Hizballah and Lebanon's Rules of the Game

Yesterday night, I watched Butros Harb on Kalam en Nass. I have to say that I was impressed with the man's knowledge of the constitution and his insistence that the Lebanese political game be played under its rules.

The question that kept nagging at me throughout that show though, was: what if a particular party or individual believes that it's or his/her role or objective surpasses Lebanon and its constitution? Today it is Hizballah with its perceived Islamic role. Tomorrow, it may be someone else.

Another question that I had in mind was: what if no one accepts to lose? This whole rhetoric of no one really losing the civil war and no one winning is all nice and dandy. But, in daily politics, there is always going to be a winner and a loser, and we all need to accept that we may lose on some occasions and win in others. I fear that certain Lebanese (maybe even the majority) cannot bring themselves to accept a political lose.

My final point has to do with the Hizb. Yesterday, Walid Choucair made it clear that the March 14 forces had already promised they would provide a political umbrella for the "resistance" in international circles. The price that the Hizb paid for that promise was its alliance with Jumblatt in Ba'bda-Aley and with Hariri in Beirut.

Consequently, the Hizb's recent political maneuvers can be interpreted solely as protecting its regional ally, Syria - since it already got what it wants from the relevant political parties in Lebanon. Ironically, Hizballah's recent actions were somewhat "selfless."

Again, I can totally appreciate if Hizballah's leadership believes that it is against Lebanon's interest to fall within the "West's" orbit. I can totally understand that it believes that Lebanon will be better off under Syria and Iran's orbit. Eventhough I totally disagree, all parties have a right to their opinions, so I understand. But, seeking justice for the murder of Lebanese political figures is a purely LEBANESE ISSUE. Therefore, Hizballah's insistence on obfuscating any effort to achieve that objective can be viewed as treasonous! It is taking its protection of Syria one or two steps too far!

I fear that the Hizb is making some very grave long term political mistakes at the expense of the Shi'a population in general. Michael Young said it yesterday in his Daily Star Op Ed. I said it a few weeks ago in an entry concerning Hizballah and its ability to accept "Lebanon's rules." If it continues on the political path it is taking, then it might as well take South Lebanon and the Bekaa and form a little mini-Lebanon!

The danger inherent in any religious party is that it takes itself and its mission too damn seriously. How do you expect a certain party to play by the rules when you get the impression that it will accept all hell to break loose before it changes or does something against its core mission? That is a question Hizballah and Lebanon are going to be grappling with for a long, long time. And it aint gonna be pretty!


Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Did you see the movie the blues brothers?

They were on a mission from God.

So is Hezbollah.

JoseyWales said...


Their name alone says it all: the party of GOD!

They are in the party of GOD. They run the party of GOD.

Who can you possibly be? What can you possibly represent of importance?

The name itself should be attacked by religious and non-religious types.