Monday, December 12, 2005

My Gut

My Gut tells me that the Syrian political elite is at war with a large segment of the Lebanese political elite. Although the two states are not at war, the elites are.

My Gut tells me that the only card the Syrians have at this point of the game is the threat to destabilize Lebanon and the region.

My Gut tells me that the FPM is correct in calling for the Lebanese state to get its act together and put its security services on overdrive. The last thing we need is "private" security services at this point.

My Gut also tells me that the FM is correct in calling for an international court, because that will signal victory over the Syrian political elite.

My Gut tells me that "constructive destabilization" is no longer the policy of the United States. Rather it would like to stabilize the region and hold on to what it has accomplished thus far (i.e. independent Lebanon and an Iraq moving towards democracy).

My Gut tells me that the United States sees Lebanon as its success story in the region. Consequently, it is against its (and Israel's) interest to destabilize the country.

My Gut tells me that a stable Lebanon that is a model for democracy in the Middle East is completely against Syrian interests. Rather, a Lebanon that looks more like Iraq will show the world that democracy in the Middle East simply does not work.

My Gut tells me that these bombs will continue until the Syrian regime collapses.


The Sandmonkey said...

My gut tells me your gut is correct!

God help you guys!

Hani G. said...

Raja I think this is a commendable post, but I shall pose to everyone a question Walid Beyk has asked one too many times in the past 18 months....

Illa Ayn??? Where to???

Our thirst for the answer has amplified by todays barbaric act!

Hani G. said...

The site has been transformed for the memory of Gibran...

May his soul rest in peace.

JoseyWales said...

Good post Raja. Thx.