Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Martyrs of Freedom and Independence from Syrian Occupation Posted by Picasa


JoseyWales said...

Yes Raja,

Also, let's not forget those who saw things long ago and died before: Salim Laouzi, Riad Taha, Bashir Gemayel, Rene Moawad, Mufti Khaled and others.

More recently: Ramzi Irani
Perhaps even: Imam Sadr (IMHO)

Those military "unknown soldiers" who fought, were betrayed and now lie in mass graves.

Rincewind said...

How about Ghaleb Awali? Did everyone forget the crime that was committed 3 months before the attempt on Hamade's life?

What do you know, he was killed in a car bomb!

Before that was Ramzi irani, jihad jibril , and before that Elie Hubeika.

Car-bomb assasinations never stopped in Lebanon, but memory is always selective, isn't it?

Raja said...

rincewind, point well taken.