Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reminder for those of you in New York

Please remember to attend the protest that is going to be held in New York City on Monday the 19th.

One of Lebanon's unparralleled strengths is its immense diaspora population. Please help to flex that muscle. Make your voices heard!

Here's the information (it can also be found in Lebanese Lobby News Website):

Monday 19 th December 12:00pm to 1:00pm

United Nations- Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

47 th Street and 1 st Avenue

New York - New York

1. To protest against the assassination of Martyr Gebran Tueini.

2. To protest on the NON STOP continuity of Syrian genocide against Lebanese Leaders and its civilians.

3. To demonstrate our total endless Unity and entire Solidarity to the Lebanese people.

4. To request International Trial for all previous assassinations and crimes that took place in Lebanon and for continuous international support of the full implementation of United Nations Resolution 1636.

Please bring:
- Only Lebanese Flags
- Pictures of Lebanese Martyrs
- Banners/Candles

Lebanon and the Martyrs are counting on us. Please remember that it is the people who made it all happen on the 14 th of March. Please forward to all your friends who care about a free Lebanon and who care about the freedom of the press. To help in the organization effort and to confirm attendance, please contact:

Joelle Richa:

Khaled Hamieh:

1 comment:

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« Lebanon and the Martyrs are counting on us » [sic]

Well if there’s a God for Wahhâbi stooges, I’m sure by now the souls of Gebran Tueyni and faux Sheikh Rafiq Al-Hariri have completed their transcendental journey and reached the collaborators’ paradise, up there in the Saturnal Saudi skies

And I’m also certain that just like me, you can sense their ethereal presence amongst us Lebanese mortals: they’re kind of like good angels watching over us, keeping us safe from Baathist evil…blah blah Zzzzzzzzz

Once again, I feel sincerely sorry for Gebran Tueyni’s friends and family and hope the terrorist cowards who killed him will be apprehended and hung high.

BUT the guy wasn’t Lebanon’s Mahatma Ghandi or the journalistic Emile Zola of the Neocon/”New” Middle-East whatever that means…Even if, post-mortem, Beirut's baklava salesmen and other amateur eulogists are busy turning him into the (backward/Bedouin/Baathist/bad/boo….) Ayyyrab world’s intellectual beacon of light,
a “martyr” who went through the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of “liberty”, no less!

The reality is less bright, for Gebran Tueyni was just another subsidized Saudi stooge working for his Tex-Aviv paymasters: this “disinterested independent journalist” went from praising his “dear fiend General Ariel Sharon” (1982), to describing “General Ghazi Canaan as a real expert in Lebanese issues” (1993), to presenting “His Highness King Fahd as the greatest Arab Islamic leader of the past 100 years” (1998)

tw. Wahhâbi: a member of a fanatical Islamist sect founded in Arabia in the 18th century and revived by ibn-Saud in the 20th century

Collaborationism: the advocacy or practice of collaboration with the enemy