Sunday, December 18, 2005

Patrick Seale just got a fat paycheck!

Have any of you read Mr. Seale's recent and indispensable contribution to the discourse surrounding Lebanese Syrian relations??? Well... at the very least, his words quench the rumors that he has had a "falling out" with the Ba’th regime ever since Bashar came to power.

The title of his article is the following: "Is Lebanon Heading for Catastrophe?" His answer is that as long as Syria does not dominate Lebanon, the country will head towards that end. His words are a clear warning to the Western regimes: back off… or else, you will lose Lebanon.

Here are some ridiculous exerpts:

there are alarming signs that a hard-line Christian faction, known as the Lebanese Forces, is rearming clandestinely, no doubt because it feels threatened by Muslim militias, notably that of the Shiite movement Hizballah and of armed Palestinian groups. The Lebanese army, made up of different sects, seems unable to impose its will on these rival movements.

If Syria is in fact responsible for the murders in Lebanon, we should perhaps consider that it is acting in self-defense

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Anonymous said...

I can't blame Seale. We all have our price, and life in London is so expensive.

Anonymous said...

"Fourthly, external interventions in Lebanon have reached a new height -- whether by the United States, France, Israel, the UN -- in some cases encouraged and invited in by Lebanese factions themselves. "

That moron accused every country of interfering with our politics, except one (guess who).

Anonymous said...

"Since most of the victims of the current campaign of assassination were opponents of Syria, the finger has inevitably been pointed at Syria. The UN commission of enquiry into Hariri’s killing, led by the German judge Detlev Mehlis, reached the tentative conclusion that Syria was deeply implicated. But the case against Syria is circumstantial. It has not been proved beyond reasonable doubt. A possibility which has not yet been explored is that one of Syria’s intelligence services may have been penetrated and manipulated to commit the murders -- perhaps by Israel"

Sing after me people:

'it's a jooo-ish, it's a jooo-ish,, it's a jooo-ish con-spi-racy!'

Rincewind said...

Anon 12:13 AM:

No, it's a

Straw-Man Straw-Man Straw-Man

/ \

first, he said Israel, a political entity known for a policy political assassinations (ghassan Kanafani, Kamal Nasser, Jihad Jibril, Fathi Shiqaqi, among others)

Second of all, do you know Elie Cohen? If you do then you'll know that syrian intelligence can be infiltrated quite easily, QUITE EASILY!

So, is that a possibility? Yes, albeit unlikely. Was it explored? NO. You have no argument there.

Woopsie Doo! I seem to have inadvertently knocked down your StrawMan, try building another one!

Anonymous said...

My dear anon above, maybe you didn't notice, but there's only murderers on your list.

Assaad said...

What Patrick Seale wrote is something true. In the last 80's, USA, Israel and Syria tried everything to get Lebanon's control. It finished between the Syrian's hands with an internal support from HA, Amal and others.
Now the same scenario is happening but Syria is very far....! But HA is present and will not accept any American or Israelian intervention....! and here we can relate this by :
the problem inside the cabinet (Chiite Ministers not partipating) and the way the USA would love to get into the lebanese scene softly.
I am not saying i agree with HA actions nowadays but believe me, Seale knows how to read the political situation in the MEA area!

Assaad said...

Rincewind : I like Elie Cohen history.... BIG BIG one in the intelligence agents war between Syria and Israel!

Anonymous said...

"Seale knows how to read the political situation in the MEA area!"

on Lebanon he gets shit!

Hani G. said...

He definitly is on the payroll Raja as you said. When Hariri was killed, Patrick Seale expressed in the Guardian that it can't be Syria that killed him. I remember reading it one day after the assassination.

GOOGLE SEARCH PATRICK SEALE HARIRI and you'll get the article.

The man was a good friend of Assad Snr. and enjoyed many luxuries at the expense of the Syrian people.

As usual with my take on Seale, I shall read it just to amuse myself.

Hani G. said...

Apologies guys. The Seale article was written February 23rd. However I do remember something coming out one day after the assassination justifying Syria's innocence.

Once apologies.

hummbumm said...

I love it how people think, that US policy makers keep dreaming up plans for getting involved in lebanon, because lebanon is just so important.. please. The problem we have for lebanon, stems from a lack of attention from the US etc... that is what leaves us in the clutch of syria. And of course, Israel want to see chaos on its northern border rather than the relative quiet it has now... so that is why it is involved, please.. Only two foreign actors have somethign to lose. Syria, any regional relevance, as well as money and it's vision that syria and lebanon are one. The second is Iran, any weakening of HA affects their regional plans. Everyone else gains if lebanon is peaceful and under the control of the state with no militias. hmmm, that would be the side I am on, I wonder why?

Rincewind said...

anon 5:38 AM:

Ghassan Kanafani was a nobel-prize worthy author, and didn't carry a gun in his life. He was killed in a car bomb at age 36 with his niece, who was 17 at the time, in an operation that israel admitted to last year. He still gave us a great literary body of works that shall remain immortal henceforth.

Kamal Nasser was a poet, not a militant.

So no, maybe I didn't notice that my list only contains murderers, and I was also under the naive assumption that assassinations were against international law. But hey, that's just me, perhaps you know better.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Patrick Seal has no credibility

Anton Efendi said...

Actually, at the end he all but admits that Syria killed him (which is what he did in that old piece he wrote I think after the Baath conference or maybe it was that older one. Can't remember). He just justifies it saying that this is the regime fighting for its life (which in itself is telling), and so deal with it. The other moral/ideological justification is vintage Seale garbage. But he's never made apologies about defending this regime, so nothing surprises me. This guy ideologically is stuck in the 70s.

I'll write about this very soon.

Anton Efendi said...

The part about the LF arming is very dangerous and irresponsible on his part. He can't go around throwing bullshit like that. Where is this taking place? How does he know? Who said this? Who witnessed it? Where are the weapons coming in from? Syria!?!? Israel!?!? How? Through the sea?! Where? In Jouniyeh?!?!? What type of weapons!? Artillery?! Tanks!? Etc. It's so obviously bullshit that he cannot corroborate in any way, not even by naming an anonymous source. Nothing. He just throws a deadly piece of venom like that, just like that...

Anton Efendi said...

And by the way, his mention of the LF is another indication of the timeframe in which he's stuck. It's a widespread phenomenon and you see it with twits like Helena Cobban. Lebanon for them is perpetually stuck in 1982-84. It's the ideologically suitable timeframe that acts as the prism through which they see everything, domestically, regionally, and internationally.

As-Safir is stuck there too.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

The LF is indeed arming itself. Seale is probably referring to Geagea's bodyguards. They have between 10 and 20 guns. Unlike HA's katiouchas, these guns are a real threat to Lebanon's stability.

Anonymous said...

Anton Efend,

You are stuck in you own shit. Don't hyperventilate!
That's why I like Seale. He just uncovers the bigotry of guys like you. The questions you ask and say that Seale doesn't give answers for, are the same asked by HA supporters and you don't "corroborate in any way, not even by naming an anonymous source....just like that...

Antone.. you're a piece of shit.

Anton Efendi said...

Mmmmm, remarkable. Only what the hell are you talking about you idiot?!

The Palestinian weapons?! They had witnesses, and an LBC camera caught it on tape.

HA's own weapons?! I mean do I really need to answer this?!

What exactly are you talking about you fool?! Syria's culpability perhaps?! Gee, I wonder what the Investigative Committee is working on...

Wipe that foam from your mouth... and that shit that's dripping too. Dumbass.

Doha said...

I agree with Anton that somehow Seale was stuck in history. C'mon, wake up you guys, the LF don't have the power they had during the civil war. On the ground, on the popular level, Aoun has more power than Geagea. So when I read Seale's analysis of the role of LF in Lebanon I chuckled, because he is so far from reality.

Hani G. said...

Seale must have read the first few pages of Kamal Joumblatt's "I speak for Lebanon" and thought the situation in Lebanon today resembles pre-1975.

I would like to think that he should be sued for misinforming the public or for libel, but frustatingly this guy has protected himself pretty well. His subjective language in, it may be, it seems or there are signs, is just very annoying! :-)

All you can do is disagree with him