Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The assassination of Gebran Tueni should have engrained into our heads the reality that the Syrian regime is conducting a war on a Lebanon that is independent of its tutelage.

We are at war.

Bashar promised to leave a destroyed Lebanon behind his retreating army, but he could not. He could not because the Lebanese people and their representatives stood in his way.

The fiend has now reverted to carrying out assassinations - the easiest form of terrorism. And, if after thirty years of occupying Lebanon, the Syrian Mukhabarat were unable to carry out those orders successfully, then we would truly be justified in labeling them as the dumbest people on Earth.

Unfortunately though, they are not. They have the resources and the capabilities. These assassinations will continue. We should prepare ourselves to accept more. We should accept them willingly as the price of independence from Syrian tutelage.

I am preparing myself. All of you should do the same. My only fear is that our political elite will buckle under the pressure. I hope they do not. I hope they stand up to this Syrian Ba'thi Demon.

Freedom. Freedom. Freedom.


Doha said...

Isn't it sad that we have to accept so much blood from an Arab country?

Anonymous said...


Ever consider the restructuring of our alliances based on interests instead of basing them on dogma, ideology, language, religion?

What am I saying? Of course not. You are still surprised that Arabs could perpetrate these acts onto fellow Arabs. Ever consider that this is precisely why Arabs are hundreds of years behind everyone else? I really need to stop it with these rhetorical self evident questions.

Please pardon my cynicism. Throughout the war, never once was our country humiliated and belittled, and brutalized as it is today. Thanks to sisterly fucking Arab countries. And who is coming to our aid? The Arab league? No, those colonial, imperial Americans, French, Germans, etc.

PATHETIC! Khallilkon el 3arab, heik kharjkon.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"Freedom. Freedom. Freedom."

Not to mention freedom and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Very true Raja. This thus far has been mostly a one sided war. Time to get rid of the bastard-of-baabda.


Anonymous said...

Sure time to do it again. Why not. I just feels like it. It may even be better this time around. We can fight together to rid once and for all foreigners, palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and all Lebanese siding with syrians and Iranians including Al-marada, Amal and hizb(no)allah and any other Arab Jarab. Hell we could ask Isreal and Americans to invade Damascus and give us the head of Bashar. However you look at it, we must escalate this shit even we can start paying back with conducting our own assassination. Hell must break loose in the entire Middle East before these Arab Jarab wake up and be united with some decent leaders