Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Something to share....

I contacted my former university professor on hearing the news of late...
I thought I'd share his response with all of you.


Dear Hani

I too feel devastated by the news. Gebran was a man of exceptional talent, charisma and courage, son of two very distinguished parents. His illustrious father Ghassan and talented mother, Nadia, a poet of rare beauty and insight and of the prestigious and respected family of Hamadeh. Their nationalism was of the more refined type and embraced all the Arab causes. One is utterly baffled as to how this criminality can go on and to whose benefit!?Bless them all. There is no death but continuity, and lucky is the one who can move from one dimension to another with courage, dignity, and the prayers and blessings of their fellow human beings and their creator.


God bless you all and bless Lebanon.

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