Monday, December 12, 2005

Hizballah must accept the rules of the game!

Hizballah is guilty for maintaining its alliance with Syria despite the fact that Syria has most likely executed this chain of assassinations (and attempted assassinations). Consequently, despite the fact that Hizballah has not turned its weapons against the Lebanese, by not breaking its alliance with Syria, it can be argued that Hizballah is indirectly using its weapons. For do not the two allies' objectives overlap? Consequently, what is the difference if one or the other utilizes political violence?

Hassan Nasrallah and the Hizballah Politburo may genuinely believe that it is not within Lebanon's interest to fall within the Western orbit. I have no problem with that belief. We are all entitled to our opinions and political positions. What I do have a problem with, is a political entity within Lebanon, going outside of the political process to push its agenda because it is not able to get its way through the system. While Hizballah remains in the government, it does nothing in the face of the political violence committed by its ally.

Hizballah represents a significant portion of the Lebanese population. However, that population does NOT constitute the majority of the Lebanese people! Therefore, if Hizballah is not able to gain support from the majority of Lebanese, it must accept that it has lost the political game as dictated by the democratic process, and consequently IT MUST accept the will of the majority.

By turning a blind eye to Syria's aggression in Lebanon, Hizballah is itself an accomplice to the assassinations. If the organization wishes to prove its claim that it is a Lebanese organization first, and then a regional organization, it must break its alliance with the Syrians, or at least publicly signal to the Syrians that their conduct is unacceptable.

I am all for a difference of opinions. I am very aware that I may be wrong. But I am also aware that the other party may be wrong as well. Therefore, the rules of democracy dictate that the final arbiter is the majority. If we are to remain one united country with one foreign policy that is implemented by one state, we must accept those democratic rules under all circumstances. No matter how powerful our own convictions are, we must accept that the will of the majority supersedes our own political convictions.


Abu Kais said...

I think Hizbullah should be encouraged to quit the government, parliament and Lebanese political life. They are outside the consensus anyway. Let them be what they are, an isolationist fundamentalist group that takes orders from a foreign despotic regime. Then they should be freaking outlawed. I don't give a damn at this point if this will disenfranchise 200 thousand people. To hell with whoever wants to buy into this crap ideology of hate.

Anonymous said...

Hell with Arab Jarab. This is must be the undeclared war of the Assad clans on the decent Lebanese. For as much I hate this idea, Lebanon should declare war on Syria by inviting US or whoever is willing ( Isreal invited too...can't be worse the Syrians occupation) to invade Syria and south Lebanon to rid us once and for all of the Shia',the Iranians and Syrians. And while we are at it, this is a perfect time to also invade Iran. They way I see it at this time western occupation is much better than arab jarab occupation.

Ghassan said...

I think something wrong is going on. It is the first time in my life that I really want to see Israel kick the Syrian ass and HA too! May be because I am angry, frustrated and helpless!

Anonymous said...

You know damn well that the Syrians is going to KEEP making our lives hell the same way they have done for the last 30 some years ( with the exception to the Shi(i)t who lived damn well under the Syrians occupation). It is time to take the fight to Damascus. At this point we should accept nothing less than bringing the Ass-ad head to the slaughter table. I don't care how it is done even collaborating with any western power, including Isreal, is fine. They can stick the "3ouroubeh" into their Alauoite dirty asses. Remember Arab Jarab

Suha said...

I take it that some of the comments here are only a result of momentary anger. If well-groomed, educated men and women like you are spewing this sort of talk it is not good news for Lebanon.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

Anon 8:28, don't throw accusations on the Shia community. We should kick HA's ass, not attack a Lebanese community.

Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

The attack against HA a couple of days ago is strange. I mean, how dumb must you be to detonate a remote controlled charge just after the guy the leaves the car? It's too bad that Hariri, Chidac, Kassir and Tueni didn't have that chance.

The only tangible result of this attack is that Syria and its allies can now say : "look, we are also the victims of terrorism". Haha!

C. said...

anon 8:28 and anon 10:07 (I am assuming they are one of the same) and ghassan... you make me SICK. Do you never learn??? ... I am too disgusted to elaborate!

Concerned Lebanese said...

I'm new to all your blogs, yet this is the first time that i feel that the spirit of the civil war among us again. There is talk of ridding Lebanon of the shia!?! Not the whole communtiy is represented by HA. There are very moderate shiaa such as Ghazi Youssef of the FM and Abbas Hashem of the FPM. It is regrettable that they don't represent the community. As for the people that follow HA, they are those that are less fortunate and have a tendency to turn to religion. Please, i urge you not to turn this into a sectarian issue, don't give HA more credit than they deserve.

sam said...

The situation is crazy. Our experience has taught us that we should not be drawn into sectarian talk. But as we see above, we need someone to lash out on. Hizbollah is not playing fair, and his refusal of an international investigation makes it an accomplice of the murders. I'm pro-dialogue, but it is not possible without security.

As for Anon 10:07 and 8:28, they are guilty of the worst kind of ignorance that ???Kais has already posted about. However, the fact that those morons exist doesn't discredit our criticism of Hizbollah, and our will to be free from censorship, because as you see it is not the opinion of the majority.


Gfarra said...

Theres not much left in the lebanese people to aspire about following these assasinations one after the other.The fact that were not getting anywhere with the investigations is just unacceptable.Knowing that the syrians are most likely behind all those acts but theyre still innocent until proven guilty.Hezbollah is avoiding the lebanese situation if thats what they think is right then let them go to iran and syria and make more babies there

Anonymous said...

Quoting an anon:

"Tueni never said shiites are sheep. This is the biggest distortions of facts ever propagated by the extremist sectarian al manar tv.

This is how it happened:
Tueni was having a conference in french at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut when one student asked for his opinion about the Hizbullah claims that there were 1.6 million people in their demonstration (8 of March).
His reply was that we shouldn't look at demonstrations in terms of sheer numbers, because here we're talking about people and not sheep.
Next day al manar headlines: Tueni called shiites sheep!!!!
Can anyone be more dishonest than this?"

Anonymous said...

Concerned Lebanese,

I feel the same, however not surprised. These secterian talks are quite old, but it just have the chance to surface the water!