Thursday, March 02, 2006

8 Oranges

In a somehow pioneering idea for Lebanon, some supporters of the FPM have started a major effort to offer multiple services and products in the Lebanese market, under the umbrella of 8 Oranges. They officially declare that a portion of the profits goes to the FPM.

There is a similar, obviously more developed, experience in Italy, where the Lega (League of Cooperatives) is associated with the Left parties, the ConfCoop (Confederation of Cooperatives) is associated with the Catholic center-right parties, and AGCI, the Association of Cooperatives, quite small compared to the other two, is associated with the Republican parties. Some of these also include agricultural COOP's and the like, but I'm interested in the markets. Any info is welcome. I asked some friends living in Italy and they told me that the hard line supporters of each party shop exclusively at their party’s market, while other people go for the best deals.

Back to 8 Oranges, their services include fuel, water, kiosks, and a loyalty card with which you get insurance… Check the site.


Daniel B. said...

I've been to Beirut in the past.

AbdulKarim said...

Hassan, is the link working? I'm not able to access it.

Anonymous said...

i still say nick samara for president

Lazarus said...


the link seems to have died for now. strange. it was quite interesting to look at.

AbdulKarim said...

Given the sectarianism of Lebanese politics and society, I don't think this idea will work. It simply means that whatever you buy from 8 Oranges will go to the "Christian" political party. It will not therefore be successful lets say in Tripoli for instance. Its products will therefore be confined to a particular sect.

I am not sure about the above line of thought (which I think is wrong BTW). But if there is an element of truth to the aforementioned,will that create further divisions in the society?