Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another top ten list Lebanon can be proud of

The Associated Press has released a top ten list of the most "lucrative" bank roberies in history. Yup, you guessed it, Lebanon has its place secured in this ominous list... Just scroll down and check it out! On another note, notice how four of these heists took place in England, and that even the Beirut heist was at the British Bank??? hmmm...

  1. $900 million in U.S. bills and as much as $100 million worth of euros Iraq Central Bank, Iraq, March 2003. The thefts took place at the beginning of the U.S. invasion and were blamed on members of Saddam Hussein's family.

  2. $92 million Security company cash center at Tonbridge in Kent county, southern England. The Bank of England said Feb. 22, 2006, the robbery had occurred overnight.

  3. $70 million Central Bank in Fortaleza, Brazil. Theft occurred sometime during weekend of Aug. 6-8, 2005.

  4. $65 million Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Center, London, July 12, 1987.

  5. $50 million Northern Bank, Belfast, Ireland; Dec. 20, 2004. Widely blamed on the Irish Republican Army.

  6. $37.5 million in gold Brinks Mat Ltd., Heathrow Airport, London, Nov. 25, 1983.

  7. $30 million Bank of France, Toulon, France, Dec. 16, 1992.

  8. $21.8 million Brink's Securmark, Rome, March 24, 1984.

  9. $20 million to $50 million British Bank of Middle East, Beirut, Lebanon, Jan. 22, 1976. The theft took place during the Lebanese civil war and was widely blamed on PLO factions.

  10. $15 million in certificates of deposit Bank of Sepah-Iran, London, January 1983.


Anonymous said...

Thank you PLO, once again you have shown us what grateful visitors you are.

Comte Almaviva said...

It was not the PLO. It happened when the PFLP-GC/Jibril branch took the downtown area in 76. They were the only faction that fought that battle. Jibril still insists that it'd happened during the chaos following the battle, and that his men did not steal the money.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous blames the PLO while the Lebanese blogger on this site claims it is another number for Lebanon to be proud of!

santia said...

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Sniper Ak said...

Haha this is funny, Lebanon always shows up on articles that have to do with robbery, terrorism, murder, weapons! No wonder why people abroad get scared when we tell them we are Lebanese.

Anyways, I wouldn't be sure that PLO are really the ones responsible. I would read about more about Yasser Arafat who was the chairman of the PLO movement, before I make my decision.