Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Hero We Did Not Know About

Just wanted to point out that after all this wrangling to get a consensus candidate for the vacant Baabda-Aley Parliamentary seat, it turns out that Pierre Dakkash has a contestant: Pierre Hashash.

I liked that Hashash decided not to withdraw his name, because, as he claimed, "he decided to run in order to preserve Lebanon's democratic tradition and exercise his right to do so as an ordinary citizen not backed by politicians."

So for all those who disliked the move of arriving at a consensus candidate because it undermined democracy in Lebanon, there it is--the trophy! Pierre Hashash is every Lebanese who does not want to be "shortchanged" by electoral wranglings that many times do not make sense.

I believe that Lebanon has changed since the exit of the Syrian troops. Just imagine what would have happened to Hashash during the "Syrian era"...I'm amazed that he in a very civil manner held a press conference and said that he's continuing head-on for the elections and said what he had to say.

It's a symbolic move; perhaps his chance of winning is slim. But he is a "hero", trying to break a senseless status quo.

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Ms Levantine said...


I think P. Daccache is a very good man, and by the standard of our politicians certainly one of the best. On the other hand, I agree with you, it is refreshing to have someone like Hashash actually running.

The system needs to be shaken at long last. Let us hope Hashash will get some exposure and that his campaign will not be an isolated try.

Btw, he also has a cool name.

Anonymous said...

I just cant get over how funny the contest: Dakkash vs. Hashash sounds.

frencheagle said...

"Hashash" called by l orient le jour: le coluche libanais in the article they published 2 days ago

promissing to put some asphalt on the roads till the knees in 2000 elections to be having green slogan last year ...

really funny still to support such guy, seems we re having a clown supporter ;)

Doha said...

I'm not supporting Hashash; I don't even know anything about him. I'm just saluting his move. That's all.

Charles Malik said...

When I read about it I thought it was one of those election things where a candidate with a very similar name tries to beat the big guy. You know, like Jesse M. Jackson trying to take on the real Jesse Jackson. It happens a lot, but never works.

Joe said...

He's definitely entertaining. Recently, he was asked what's the difference between Daccache and himself, he answered, "Two letters and about 50 years." Hilarious!

Hassan said...


"Just imagine what would have happened to Hashash during the "Syrian era"..."

He already ran in Batroun before.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u Doha...Democratie is a right...election is not a nomination

Doha said...


What I meant with my sentence was that during the Syrian era, if he tried to defy the system and run despite an agreement on a candidate, he would be forced to concede.

frencheagle said...

"i totally agree with u Doha...Democratie is a right...election is not a nomination "

so for the presidential, the elected guy must be the most popular among the population .... ;)

hummbumm said...

We don't have direct elections for president, so it would be the most poular amongst the parliamentarians,which currently is not Aoun. Not my rules, sorry

frencheagle said...

well if it s not the case, "houston we re having a democratic problem" as the parlement is not reflecting the will of the population

it s clearly showing that the actual consitution needs a revision

i would be for exemple to enlarge the college of presidential electors to any one that is elected such as municipal council etc...

Anonymous said...

who said Aoun is the most popular in Lebanon anyway??? Frencheagle, you seriously believe that if every person were to vote in Lebanon, Aoun would win??


frencheagle said...

he s the most popular among all the declared candidates

just check most if not all the surveys done by institutes

Anonymous said...

I agree with frencheagle regarding Aon. Why do you guys dislike him so much? You see, your problem is that you are treating him as if he were a politician, which he most definitely aint! And please dont assume he is smart. Cause common..that's so far from the truth. So why do you guys dislike him? Cause he wants to be president? Whats wrong with that? He is 80, for Godsake, if not elected now then when? Give the stubborn naiive self righteous man a chance, will ya..


Anonymous said...

FrenchEagle, besides the Metn region (and some in Jbeil), Aon enjoys the avid support of about 3 other people.

Dont count on Aon's popular support among teh Lebanese at large...You will be disappointed..


frencheagle said...

well my dear anonymous

first of all i dont believe that lahoud will be ousted because of constitutional problems
if they really want to oust it, they have to use constitutional measures such as accusing him a high betrayal, with the syrian regime, which is not a way they choosed as our most of your dear politicians collaborated for more then 15 years.
the presidency problem for me is therefore inexistant till they are not adopting the correct measures to get ride of him, which is against their own interest.

"FrenchEagle, besides the Metn region (and some in Jbeil), Aon enjoys the avid support of about 3 other people."
let s turn back the question.
which reasons are supporting for ex nassib lahoud, he lost the last elections
who are supporting boutros harb ?
he didnt win in batroun, he wasnt elected by his own region
same with nayla moawad

chabla or i dont know how it s writen doesnt have ANY popular support etc...

but all the surveys indicates that when someone is asked to give a name for the new presidential election, more then 50% give aoun name.

the second point is that we cannot get ride of a puppet that was supported by the syrians to put in place another puppet that has to be supported byanother political force, we have someone that equilibriate the power toward the executive and therefore someone enjoying the more popular support.

also do u really think we re in democraty?
we are not in democraty. we re not in a parlementary system, we are in an oligopoly and nearly close to a tyrannic system and of course i m opposed to that.
the parlement elect the president
elect the chief of the parlement
give the confidence to the governement
vote for its own electoral law
the parlement therefore when it s controled by a party is able to vote for the interest of that party, like we saw during the syrian occupation, and therefore closing the democratic game, confiscating it for the interest of the rules.

of course we can just be opposed to that and therefore we need someone different from the current majority in the parlement but reflecting the population will.

i m saying from about now 9 months to adopt a new electoral law, have a new parlement, get ride of berry, get a new governement and a new chief of parlement, and then remove lahoud to conduce constitutional reforms in order to strenght the executive.

why dont the new electoral law be published? first it had to be in january, then beginning then end of feb etc...

why we do not wait to have a parlement really reflecting the population will, we would always have a doubt about the true representation of the parlement and of the president in case of election, as far as they were appointed by the kenaan electoral law which wasnt making all the citizens equal, otherwise harb, zahar wouldnt have been elected, as well as nayla moawad etc...

i m searching to have on my side people which can be elected to this chair without any doubt of popularity.

frencheagle said...

by the way
last elections showed in cumulated percentages, overall

21% of the population voted for the future+ joumblatt+ kornet shewan+FL

15% of the population for the hezbollah

14% for the FPM

another way to see we re having a democratic problem as far as the representation of aoun is less then the hezbollah but he got nearly as much cummulated votes over lebanon

we also see that the future+ joumblatt + kornet shewan + FL are clearly not a majority, they didnt even reach the quarter of the voters overall lebanon

theses numbers wre published long time ago and i still remeber of them as i m having a very good memory with numbers;)

Anonymous said...

Frencheagle, so who got the other 40-some percent of the vote?? Aon's best ally, Suleiman Franjieh?


Anonymous said...


I agree with you that at the time of the elections Aon commanded more support in the Metn reagon than Nassib Lahoud. The situation seems different now. You see, back then Aon had just gotten back and he still hadnt had enough time to show us how dysfunctional he really is. I have no problem with any of the principals that the FPM is built on. I have a problem with Aon himself because he has shown us time and time again that he is a miscalculating fool. Dont you think he is kicking himself daily over the bad "policitcal" decisions he has been making? Habibi, frencheagle, Aon is unable to unite the Lebanese. He is divisive, and borderline moronic. His sole streategy over the past few months has been to oppose the majority cause he wants to be the only 'leader' in the country. His inability to see beyond his nose has and will continue to reserve him a front seat among the truly mediocre.


frencheagle said...

@ anonymous

to the first one, the other votes were distributed btw independant candidates, btw other parties etc... dont forget amal etc...
but anyway theses numbers show that lebanon is not a democraty as far we have a "homogeneous" parlement when the distribution of votes are wider.
the best system would be to have one parlementary seat for each circonscription as it was used to be before 58 and i m wondering why no one is considering this possibility (only one party by the way is talking is talking about it and it s the FPM and to say the truth i like that idea of unique seat/ circonscription)

to the second anonymous

"The situation seems different now. "
still for the baabda aley, the surveys done were indicating that on contrary the % of the people willing to vote for his party in the coming election where even highter
among the christians he used to have 70% of voters last year, the survey indicated 77% for the christian vote.

according to the magazine source 2 weeks ago, the concensus was possible because daccache was about to win anyway and the future+ LF were not able to present any candidate that was about to win as far aoun was about to get also the support of the hezbollah.
it was a lost battle for the LF and the future and this is why they agreed on daccache.

"he is a miscalculating fool"
i m not having the same lecture of the events.
aoun is a poor politician that has also bad PR people but his strategy enters in a global strategy in the middle when we consider all the equations and parameters in the regional game.
if u re reading french just check my post:!87518942521B2CF2!1165.entry
we cannot today consider lebanon as an entity by forgetting what is going on on the regional scale, as far history learned us that foreign contaminations such as the arabic nationalism in the 60 and 70's and today fundamentalism would affect us soon or later
the dialogu of aoun with the hezbollah i guess was entering in the strategy of fight against this sunnit fundamentilsm as the 2 first and main targets as it s in iraq would be the shiits and the christians.
" Aon is unable to unite the Lebanese."
and therefore i would not say that to a man who was able to talk about the hezbollah armement when the current partners in the governement of the hezbollah failed.
i m wondering why they failed and i see that the hezbollah might be feeling threatened by something such as this sunnit fundamentalism.
i m saying it correlated to the following events:
just after the war: the video K7 circulating in the palestinian camsp appealing to fight against the shiits
the statement of zarkaoui wishing to enlarge his fight to lebanon and to syria
the action of al qaida shooting rockets on north israel in order to blame hezbollah

about tactics and strategies, on thing , at least aoun has a strategy even if it s just to get into baabda as far as the 14 of march movement doesnt have any strategy:
it was possible to remove lahoud last year, they didnt
it was possible to remove berry 5th syrian collumn from his seat in the parlement instead of lahoud-puppet but they didnt
they even made too much compromises to be credible today and what is the most funny is how joumblatt is stating someone thing on CNN to say the same day the contrary on the LBCI and he s not the only one.
worst: geagea the 5 of feb, supporting the manifestations on the air on LBCI in the morning when they began to break shops in ashrafieh to retract himself 1 hours after on LBCI