Monday, March 13, 2006

95 Percent

95 percent appears to be a big number in Lebanon!

Back in the day when Seniora was in the midst of forming his government, and trying to convince the FPM to jump on board, 95 percent was a term that you would hear over and over again!

After every meeting between FPM and FM representatives, the participants would declare to the press, "95 percent of our agendas are similar...." Of course, we are all aware of the outcome of those meetings!

When Aoun and Nasrallah signed their memorandum, the story was similar. Both parties declared that they agreed on 95 percent of the issues. However, unlike the FM-FPM negotiations, this 95 percent was a productive one. We got the formal, written agreement between Hizballah and FPM.

Today, Nabil de Friege was speaking to reporters after the "Hiwar" session of the day, and lo-and-behold, Mr. de Friege said that the participants agreed on 95 percent of the issues.

Now the question to answer:

Will the participants at least produce a piece of paper to show for that 95 percent of agreement or will they simply walk away in a similar fashion to the FM-FPM 95 percent agreement?

Which 95 percent will it be?


Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that it is more akin to the FM-FPM 95% agreement. Unless offcourse Micho considers himself a mere 5%, cause let's face it, he aint goin to Baabda.


hummbumm said...

As anyone who looks at probabilities will tell you. It is the tails that matter.
In other words, we agree on almost everything, 95% of what we discussed, in fact everything but Shebaa and Hizbullah's weapons, but everything else, that lebanon shuold be free, that corruption is bad, that israel isbad, that we should have good relations with syria, that we all love each other blah blah... that we agree on.

Anonymous said...

Is Rana's abrupt capture on the eve of March 14 an idication that our esteemed leaders have finally agreed upon the fate of Mr. Lahoud? I wonder..

I'm not convinced that she was randomly caught.

Raja said...


you're not the first to raise this issue. I believe Mustapha at Beirut Spring has also written about Rana's sudden arrest. Fishy!

Ms Levantine said...

Hummbumm has a point. Humans shares 97% of their genetic code with apes but look nothing like them, in most cases anyway. Ref. Al Hiwar, 95% will only come up with a hairy monkey.

Jamal said...

So i take it during the civil war, when 10s of thousands were being butchered we only had 94% agreement.

Ms Levantine said...

Not really Jamal, during the Civil War we actually had 100% agreement if you read what our fearless leaders were saying: 10452 sqm, sovereignty, foreign armies out... No farms then, just peace love and understanding... and thousands of dead. But then again as we all know, Lebanon is a very special country.

Casey said...

well let's we all agree on 1 word in this matter the 95%
shit r8.
aight,the truth is that w ma 7ada yez3al -like i care- all of'em are muh'fuckin lierz and the pple the damn pple for how long will he keep bein that stupid.
face it pple lebanon is a real shit hole or hoe and for christ's sake Grow UP