Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nassib Lahoud For President!

Nassib Lahoud has announced his candidacy for the Presidency, if the March 14 bloc supports his candidacy...or else, he would support any candidate that the bloc backs.

I personally support Nassib Lahoud for President!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Anonymous said...

How can Nassib Lahoud become president if he lost in the elections. The people didn't vote for him. I personally would prefer someone like Carlos Gosn or Riad Salameh than any one of these politicians. They are all an embarassment to Lebanon starting with Aoun.

Doha said...

Let me ask you a question: Did PM Saniora ever run for Parliamentary elections? In my view, he has been a great PM, especially during these critical times in Lebanon's history, and he has represented many of the Lebanese' stands. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't believe that the positions of the President, PM, and Speaker of the House should be held by individuals who are solely judged through their popularity in Parliamentary elections.

Anonymous said...

The PM didn't run in the elections, hence he did not lose, therefore there is no way to know if the people would have voted for him or not. Nassib Lahoud LOST and doesn't represent the people. He might do a great job but the fact of the matter is that the anyone of the above leaders represents the people of Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

just a small remark

nassib lahoud was the guy who explained in the front of the Security counsil why the syrian had to intervene in 1990 as far as he was ambassador of lebanon...

another puppet?

gosh yes

spare us from supporting puppets, put a real strong guy

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how we can on talking about the same old people who betrayed the country, and had only only their personal interests in mind. With all the freedom, and independance bull, we as a people don't even have the capacity to ask for new blood.

Anyone thought of Chebli Mallat? Probably the only guy out there that doesn't have political baggage, and who has a real program!!

Let me be clear, I don't support Chebli Mallat, nor do I agree with parts of his program, but I would rather have someone with no baggage, and a real program then the same old bull we've been used to. Enough with this feodal society!

Dima Jarkas said...

I don't mean to sound pedantic, but when you put an excerpt of text in quotation marks, it is imporatnt that you not forget to mention where the quote was taken from: in this case, Jane's lament from Emily Bronte's Jane Eyre.

On another note, I saw Chebli Mallat on the BBC's Hardtalk and he sounds quite refereshing compared to the tired old fanfare we usually have to listen to.

Doha said...


I know where I got the quote from, from my favorite Jane Eyre, but I didn't want to make the quote a long blurb.

As for all the others,

Why is everyone so upset with me that I support Nassib Lahoud?

The unfortunate reality is that neither you all nor I have a say in who becomes the President of our beloved country. I can support whomever I want, but the people don't decide. We hear that it's the Maronite people's choice, yet again, it's not. We hear it's Cardinal Nasrallah's choice. We hear that the choice of our President requires an international and Arabic and Syrian blessing....

When we hear that the Lebanese want to choose their own President, what does that mean? We're still not choosing him or (her, hopefully in the future). It's not like in some referendum, we get to choose. It's elected officials and non-elected officials+clergy get to choose who is our President.

As for Chibli Mallat, yes, he is an educated, enlightened person, but does not have the charisma; that's what's missing with him.

I don't know Nassib Lahoud personally, but I like the Democratic Renewal Movement. MP Ahdab is one figure who is part of this movement who defied sectarian and regionalist attitudes and took part in a multi-sectarian, multi-regional movement. He went from Trablos to the Matn, which is light years away in Lebanese standards.

Aside from Ahdab, Nassib Lahoud, as witnessed by those who supported him in the previous elections, was a defiant force to the Murr family in the Matn and many people who were calling for change sided with him.

Remember that Nassib Lahoud, when he justified Syria's presence in Lebanon during the early 90s, was speaking as an ambassador, representing the Lebanese gov't. It's good to remember.

Moreover, I know of many who worked in his engineering firm in the UAE and say that he is a man of integrity. correct me if I'm wrong.

Vox P. said...

'I personally support Nassib Lahoud for President!'

Me too

Anonymous said...

I hope, for Lebanon's sake, Nassib Lahoud will be the next president. He is a nationalist and honest. I think he will do a great job. I also like Chibli Mallat.


Anonymous said...

we don't need leftist idiot bourgeois boheme like mallat

Anonymous said...

I declare nick samara for presidency ... pass it around

Anonymous said...

nick who?

Anonymous said...

I support Inspector Clausau. A bumbling fool with an honest heart is better then our current clowns who are not funny anymore..

Anonymous said...

Only in Lebanon

In an unprecedented attack on President Emile Lahoud, Defense Minister Elias Murr, also the president's son-in-law, accused Lahoud of "failing to protect me when you knew there were threats on my life." In comments after Wednesday's Cabinet session chaired by Lahoud, Information Minister Ghazi Aridi quoted Murr as having told the president: "You yourself told me to leave the country because they were going to kill me and that I had a choice of being either a slave or a corpse."

The defense minister, who survived an assassination attempt on July 12, 2004, pleaded with Lahoud to "make the right choice to preserve your dignity and to go back to being my children's grandfather."

Anonymous said...

we don't need another lahoud for president

Anonymous said...

I find this funny. lol.

The president is suppose to represent the people, but u want a president who couldnt win a parliment seat. Now seriously, there must be something wrong with the people who also call him a nationalist, after he tried to convince everyone of the syrian invasion in 1990. Once a nationalist, always a nationalist. People don't change how they think. He has not had a life changing experience unless he was really sadende by Hariri's death.

Sanyorua is in no way a good PM. He has failed to come up with anything frutiful for 7 months. I don't call that anything close to being successful. He has etiquete, i'll tell u that, but he does not know how to run a country.

Chebli Mallat, has no experience in the Lebanese political arena. Therefore he cannot become a candidate if he has no experience. I don't want a rookie to run Lebanon.

And to those who say they odn't want another general. Lahoud is not the first president to come out of the army. May I remind people of Fouad Shehab, one of the greatest Lebanees presidents, who actually followed the constitution and never thought of himself over it, he actually refused to stay for another term by ammending the constitution. That's better than a lot of civil president. Wake up people. Don't be sheep.

Karim said...

Reply to last comment:
On one point I agree with you: Nassib Lahoud does not change his mind just to please people to get some extra votes and become president, he does not make shameful alliances with sworn enemies just to get get a seat in Baabda, he is a man of principle who has a clear view of tomorrows Lebanon. UNLIKE MISTER AOUN! THE MASLAHJEH OF THE YEAR!
It is very easy to make alliances with hizb el baath, hizb el soury, Michel el Murr, Emile Lahoud, Tachnak. But what is harder is to dupe the lebanese people: AOUN YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!

To the author of the last post who did not name himself: Do you really believe all of what your shepherd tells you?