Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So Eager to Hug!

Lahoud really missed President Assad. Mind you, they did not just shake hands, like what PM Seniora did with Assad, no--Lahoud met with Assad before the Arab Leaders' Summit was about to start in Khartoum.

Interestingly enough, the Sudanese President was quoted stating that on the sidelines of the Summit, there will be a closed session dealing with mending Syrian-Lebanese relations. Guess what the Sudanese President assured everyone?
"The minutes of the meeting will not be kept and no recorded documents will be released," he added.

I must say, how comforting! Is that supposed to be a good thing or bad? And why such an important meeting, if it will occur in the first place, should go unnoted for?

The Arab League is truely a pathetic organization!

"Nobody knows how many rebellions, besides political rebellions, ferment in the masses of life which people earth."


Aounonymous said...

I love that sweet embrace of Emilio Lahouss and Baffoun Al Assad.

The photo of the two lovebirds embracing one another last time they got together is practically a mirror image.

Glad to hear the meeting is being concealed and kept under wraps... the world's brightest & best leaders deserve some privacy... let's not forget how long Lahouss has had to wait for the soft touch of Bashar, and the stare of his big, brown eyes...

Maybe, just maybe, this could be the big break we have all been waiting for in Lebanon... this could be the evidence we have all been waiting for to finally impeach Lahouss... all we need now is access to the dress he's wearing so we can run DNA samples.

Anonymous said...

Look at the veins showing on Lahoud's hand that is clenching Assad's arms, it can only translate as this, "save me, please, help me, I need you, no one loved me like you did..."

aounonymous said...

all that's missing is le tsunami aoun squeezing in between the two trying to get in on the action. he needs lots of love, constant attention and big wet kisses from his two masters.

Ms Levantine said...

This post could have been enhanced by some audio. I would have suggested Elvis "Love me tender". Or Lahoud asking: "Your pool or mine?".

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Yeah sure, I mean why listen to these stupid Ayyrab Bedouins (not to mention their Sudanese nigger associates) and their hapless terrorist league when you can get more “objective” info from Al-Nahar, LBC, Future TV and other enlightened Wahhabi-owned news outlets?

The partisans of Michel Aoun are naturally “in cahoots with the Baathists” since they’re all just a bunch of “French-educated secularist thugs”...

Not mention the fact that the founder of the Baath party was also named Michel [Aflaq] and also lived in exile in France…sounds familiar?
The “investigative” Haririst journos at Future TV tell me that Michel Aflaq had a white Persian cat he used to caress manically while watching Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will”!

Yes I know: Aflaq, Dr. No, Aoun, The Baath, Adolf Hitler, Syria, Persia, Terror, Terrorism!

The scales are finally falling off my eyes! How can we thank you for your razor-sharp cum powerfully enlightening insight?

On a more serious note, your highly dishonest defense of Lebanon’s gangsta politicians and other self-righteous “resistants of the eleventh hour” who were literally brought up by VP Khaddâm and Gen. Ghazi Kanaan while General Michel Aoun lived in exile and his followers were persecuted by Hariri’s political police…well that’s beyond pale.

FYI, here's a typical quote from freedom loving Haririst-in-chief Walid Jumblatt (criticizing Michel Aoun in a March 2000 interview):
"We condemn those who revive claims that Syria is a foe and an enemy [...] advocates of this claim, which proved to be destructive to Lebanon, have not learned from the past."

Have a nice day anyhoo.

Anonymous said...

Dr. De La Vega,

You will not get an honest answer from the typical naive, dishonest crowd frequenting this blog as to how they stand with a war criminal and a traitor, Gaejae, while questioning HA's Lebanese credentials; how they hide behind the ever-shifting hypocrite Gumblat who colluded with the Syrians for decades while mustering the nerve to attack Aoun; Is it any wonder this country Lebanon is so f’xxed up. With sons and daughters like these, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

self proclaimed Las vegas MD is at it. Thank god you're at it again, since with every one of your pathetic comments, we learn some new info.

From your last post we at least know that you're a racist pig.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

As typical from the self-righteous, deluded crowd, De La Vega gets attacked personally, but no one will answer his critiques....

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous,

You don't even see the irony and sarcasm in De La Vega's "racist comments." You may have read it too quickly, but then again, given you and your kind's political incongruencies and juvenile musings, it is quite telling..

aounonymous said...

for those of you who have been wondering, dr. vega is the latest cyborg creation out of north korea.

his ass and face are one in the same. he spews endless pounds of bullshit by default, and thrives off of the hordes calling him a retard.

the stark racism he just exhibited is part of his latest program... he is recruiting neo-nazis to join his masters emilio and al-assad.

Fun gone said...

He is also a party pooper that vega dr.

Anonymous said...

What critiques is there to answer from the delusional Las Vegas pet doctor?

All he does is copy and paste the same propaganda he posts on his site, and then runs to daddy and mommy (We all know who they are) to get a candy!

There has not been one intelligent post from him since the birth of this blogosphere.

To discuss with people like him, we need to go down to their level, and unfortunately that level is pretty pretty low...

Anonymous said...

yeah,didnt it look so obvious,when lahoud clung on to bashar,that there was an invisible dialouge going on between them."oh Bashar,my brother,how long must i prolong the pain????please,do something,make the elections earlier....get michel in there,im choking." "Just hang in there oh loyal servant,give me more time,we shall prevail."

Anonymous said...

Can de la vegas and supporters ever get over being in the position of criticizing those who criticize.i believe as do most Lebanese,that,yes the march 14 advocaters and other politicians have had dark pasts,and im willing to overlook this fact,to live and let live,forgive and forget,if they are genuinely putting their life on the line for the greater good of the country.Las Vegas,and co. wont!because its the only defense they have to sway the argument away from their hero in a generals jacket.Aoun could afford to be a critic of syria,he was having croissants and tea in another region,those who stayed had no choice or risk assassination,but now when the time is right,when decisions go unhindered without external pressure,Aoun chooses the side that would benefit his selfish aims the best.where the hell is there any characteristics of a true man let alone a leader?

Aounonymous said...

Baffoon Al-Assad: "I miss the days when we used to frollock in the sun, swim in the ocean, and not care about anything in the world."

Emilio Lahouss: "I know that used to be our special thing, but I have to be honest with you... I still do that, pretty much every worthless day of my existance."

Bafoon: "How dare you Emilio? Don't forget that I can break you at any time... you are my bitch after all."

Lahouss: "I've served you well my master. Being a useless retard has pretty much kept me my job. There's no point in getting all hot and bothered... why don't you swing by mi casa later and smother me with sun tan lotion?" *wink wink*

Bafoon: *smirking* "Give your twin Aoun a call as well... tell her to be there, I need double the pleasure!"