Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hizballah needs to decide whether it is Lebanese!

I think Lebanon may gain a lot by being somehow hezbolla-ized. Many of the party leaders have a lot to learn from Nasrallah, in term of social awareness, charisma, disinterest in bribery, coherence and discipline in his ranks...
That brief statement was part of Why Discuss's response to the last entry, titled Hizbollah-ising the Lebanese State. It is nonsense. It is a useless counterargument because it completely misses the point.

Why Discuss would have us believe that this entire conflict is about Hassan Nasrallah's charisma, his social awareness, his disinterest in bribery, and the coherence and discipline of his ranks. So the Hiwar el Watani has come about because the March 14 forces simply could not bring themselves to accept such a political entity in the government and consequently, refused to cooperate. That type of counterargument, my dear friends, is unfortunately a typical format used most diligently by the nuisance of a commenter Victorino de la Vega. It deliberately eludes the point of the intitial argument in order to distract the reader and draw his or her attention somewhere else.

The point of contention between Hizballah and the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, is not over its bureaucracy, or the charisma of its leader, or the "coherence" (whatever that means) and "discipline" of its ranks. The point of contention is over Hizballah's military wing:

  • Hizballah has a para-military force of about 20,000 - 30,000 men (compared to Lebanon's 60,000-man Army) - most of which are reserves, but never-the-less well trained.

  • Hizballah has a global network of sleeper cells that are intended to carry out attacks and assassinations if and when they receive the orders to do so.

  • Hizballah's arsenal includes thousands of rockets that target Israeli settlements, towns and cities.

  • Hizballah funds Palestinian organizations

  • Hizballah is purportedly training the militia of Musa el Sadr in Iraq

  • Hizballah possesses intelligence services that work in Lebanon in order to "protect its flanks," and in doing so, spy on other Lebanese.
In reaction to the pressure exerted on Hizballah to disarm, it is common to hear the following from the Lebanese Shi'a population:

"baddun e ashtoulna sla7na" (they wanna take our weapons away). Well I would LOVE to ask the following question in response:


or rather,


Okay, Prestige... and Pride... we understand - but how else?

Let me ask those Lebanese who defend Hizballah and its right to bear weapons: Why does Lebanon need sleeper cells in Argentina, Chile, Germany or the US? How are Hizballah's cells in those countries a benefit to Lebanon's national security? If you think that those cells, the rockets Hizballah has positioned in the South, and the men that Hizballah sends to train militias in Iraq are meant to protect Lebanon, you are a fool!

I lived in Lebanon throughout the 1990s. The level of coordination between Hizballah and Syria was SICKENING!!! I was there when the Israelis withdrew, and we all celebrated the fact that Lebanese land was liberated AND that we would no longer have to fight a war in the South. Do you know how it felt when Hizballah declared - OH WAIT, WE JUST REMEMBERED, WE STILL NEED TO LIBERATE THE SHEB'AA FARMS!

That was disgusting - and that was the beginning of the end of Hizballah's legitimacy in Lebanon.

HIZBALLAH NEEDS TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT IT IS LEBANESE. That is it! That is the decision that Nasrallah needs to make today. The Shia need to really ask themselves WHY THE HELL DO THEY NEED THOSE WEAPONS - AND HOW DOES IT BENEFIT THEM? The Shi'a should also ask themselves whether those weapons actually harm them.

If Hizballah's leadership decides that it is not Lebanese, then the Lebanese, led by the Shi'a population, should unite and either force it to become Lebanese or expel it from our country.


Doha said...

Interestingly enough, Raja, Al-Nahar today leaked accounts of what happened yesterday. Sayyid Nasrallah was upset with Jumblatt's statements and asked the March 14 bloc whether they agree that the Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese. The respondents said that they've already claimed that there are two ways to put an end to these questions, by either taking this issue to the UN and the UN will take care of clarifying this contentious point with the Syrians, or the Lebanese gov't can try to clarify this issue with the Syrians. Sayyid Nasrallah seemed not to like any of these methods.

He left the meeting, leaving behind a delegate, Raad, to take over his seat, equating this move with Jumblatt's move by delegating his seat to Ghazi Aridi.

Before leaving he asked Saad Hariri what he thinks of what Jumblatt said, Saad replied that he already talked with Jumblatt over the phone and Jumblatt has reiterated his commitment to dialogue and that he agreed with the move to establish a committee to look into the removal of the Palestinian weapons. He added that we should all wait until Jumblatt returns; Sayyid Nasrallah said okay then, until he returns.

Jumblatt has already said what he had to say long before he went to DC. He didn't say anything we didn't know.

Anyways, Al-Balad published an article showing that the Shebaa Farms are indeed not Lebanese. If you look at the tourist guide map of Lebanon, a 1997 edition, the Farms are part of Syria. If you look at another tourist guide map published after 2001, the Farms appear to be part of Lebanon. However, interestingly, if you request a Syrian tourist guide map, the map will show that the Farms are Syrian. This issue can be easily solved diplomatically; it's not worth all this resistance.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Why-discuss's comment warranted such a passionate response. I am not familiar with why-discuss's history of comments, but what he says is true. Although I do not agree with Hizb's agenda at all, I wish March 14 people had more Nasrallesque qualities. We could use that. Nasrallah is a very bright and eloquent man. His followers know where he stands, know he won't budge and know that he has their interest at heart. Plus the Shi'a social programs are amazing. He is a Bush with much better morals - he sent his son to die and actually won his war. And he did free the South, I am sure they love him for it.
Yes they should disarm, yes he needs to be willing to negotiate with the rest of the parties and if he does not he is not Lebanese, yes we should not be distracted by silly counterarguements a la Victorino, yes March 14 are a good bunch of people after all... but let's give Nasrallah credit where it is due. Simply put, he does has great leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

A great man once said "There is no wrong and right... there is only right and right - all that matters is your viewpoint." ;-)

I feel that lately that great man has started feeling that he is very right and Hizbollah are very wrong!
Instead of wanting to accomodating for their viewpoint to see what the Lebanese can work out and how to disarm them while preserving their dignity the great man wants to raise the pressure on them and corner them and confront them and treat them as he enemy!

Oh well ... that's just my two Liras.


Anonymous said...

I do not know if tourist guide maps are the way to go. I am sure there are more substantial documents and they need to be reviewed and the decision needs to be scientific and done by the UN.

If they are Lebanese, then March 14 should accept it without being biased about Hizb's weapons and if it is the other way around then Hizb should accept because they need to lose their weapons anyway. If the farms are Lebanese... I think Israel can be pressured into leaving in return for Hizb giving up their weapons.

I know this sounds very idealistic. But this is what the obvious logical way to go about this. March 14 have no glimpse of hope of Hizb disarming until they deal with the Sheba'a farms. And if they are convinced they are syrian then why dont they go ahead and prove it. And if they are not, then they should work on Israel withdrawing, not on Hizballah disarming and then Hizb would have no excuses anymore.

If you ask me, March 14 need to be working a little harder. I agree with Doha, this is an easy issue to solve...WHY THE HELL IS IT TURNING INTO SUCH A BIG FUSS?

hummbumm said...

The issue is solved sorry, the UN official demarcation is that Shebaa is Syrian. As Raja mentioned all of us who were in lebanon prior to the liberation of the South, had never heard of shebaa farms. It is not March 14 that is stalling here, it is Hizbullah and Syria. We have to prove somehow that it is Lebanese when it is factually documented as Syrian. that would require and agreement with Syria and official demarcation of the border. who is stalling that, not the March 14th crowd. it is a big fuss because Hizbullah does not want to give up its weapons and Shebaa is a pretext, a flimsy one at that. It is the weapons that are the fuss, not a little plot of land. what is this talk of preserving their dignity, since when is dignity tied to posession of weapons? history can record their valor in liberating the south. Hizbullah social programs are good but obviously function in a vaccuum of government services created by Hizbullah itself. What are the interest of his followers? I don't think it is to suffer perpetual under development because the south is in a permanent state of conflict. He won his war as some commenters say, so who is he gearing up to fight now? that is the question on everyone's mind. I can understand Raja's anger. Nasrallah may be honest, but he system he espouses is not accuntable to lebanon, he may be efficient and effective, but the vision he has is in contrary to Raja's, mine and a lot of lebanese's vision of a pluralistic, democratic, free market state. So he is a good despot, who is to say that the next leader of Hizbullah shares these principles? it is the system and processes that we strive for not the qualities of the man. the US has had 43 presidents, some sublime, some atrocious, and yet the system works and the country has flourished. The Hizbullah system, its ideology etc.. are in my mind incompatible with a flourishing lebanon. It is the system that strive against, not Nasrallah the man (though I certainly do not respect him as much as some)

Jamal said...

"Hizballah has a para-military force of about 20,000 - 30,000 men (compared to Lebanon's 60,000-man Army) - most of which are reserves, but never-the-less well trained.

Hizballah has a global network of sleeper cells that are intended to carry out attacks and assassinations if and when they receive the orders to do so.

Hizballah's arsenal includes thousands of rockets that target Israeli settlements, towns and cities.

Hizballah funds Palestinian organizations

Hizballah is purportedly training the militia of Musa el Sadr in Iraq

Hizballah possesses intelligence services that work in Lebanon in order to "protect its flanks," and in doing so, spy on other Lebanese."

This is exactly why Lebanon shouldn't want HA to Disarm, this gives us an iota of military strength in a very troubled region.
I think we should work on bringing HA into the army in a way that the decision making is 100% Lebanese. There is no way Lebanon should get rid of this strength card. At least not now, and definitely not for free.

hummbumm said...

Hizbullah does all this through iranian funding. ARe you saying the lebanese state should fund sleeper cells, palesitnian groups, train Mukdata al sadr etc.. and still ask for soft loans and grants from the US and France? please...

Jamal said...

Hummbumm- No i'm saying, if the US wants us to get rid of Hezbollah make it worth our troubles. $40 billion to wipe out our debt would be a start. not a couple of joke loans.

Ms Levantine said...

Posts on HA always seem to generate more heat than light. Raja, maybe you should define what you think being Lebanese mean, and then we could all decide who is and who is not (including ourselves).

Raja said...

Ms. Levantine,

in a strictly military sense, "being Lebanese" means placing the interests of Lebanon's national security above all other considerations - be they Islamic, Syrian, Iranian or Palestinian.

Ms Levantine said...

But Raja, according to HA this is exactly what they doing, they are protecting Lebanon against Israel and fighting to liberate every inch of our land. And all the members of March 14 at one time or another voted in parliement to support that. Don't you think we need another approach to deal with HA?

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« Hizballah needs to decide whether it is Lebanese! » [Raja]
« Interestingly enough, Raja, Al-Nahar [a 100% Saudi-owned ubber-partisan newspaper] news today leaked accounts of what happened yesterday…Saad replied that he already talked with Jumblatt over the phone and Jumblatt has reiterated his commitment to dialogue… » [Doha]

Yeah sure!
You guys sound like journalistic characters in a Soviet version of “Back to the Future”:
“Interestingly, The Pravda’s disinterested investigative journalists leaked Comrade Stalin’s bold reply to our reactionary foe: he had already talked to comrade Molotov on the phone, and Molotov had reiterated his commitment to constructive dialogue with all Soviet satellites”

Today, as Wahhabism replaces Marxism, notorious war criminals such as Jumblatt and Geagea are quietly walking in the shoes of the former communist leaders of Hungary and Czechoslovakia…

Doha said...

Ms. Levantine,

We all wish it was all that easy. Words are not enough and perhaps what is needed are more tangible promises that HA will disarm once the Farms are liberated.

Remember back before 2000, when HA promised that once Israel withdraws from Lebanon, they will disarm and will become a political party, like all other parties? I recall those promises vividly. However, after Israel's withdrawal, HA kept at its arms. Of course, the Shebaa Farms remained a standing issue, yet I am sure this small piece of land does not require such a huge arsenal and can be agreed upon diplomatically.

Raja said...

I tried to show all of you that HA is much bigger than Lebanon. It is a transnational religious organization with its major source of funding from Iran.

Lebanon is its host. It will accomodate Lebanon so long as Lebanon is a usefull host. Its eyes are set on Iran, Palestine, Europe and the US.

It is a regional para-military player with international reach.

Lebanon is only its host and a valuable source of manpower. Shebaa means nothing to it if it is liberated. Shebaa farms is valuable to Hizballah only because it gives it a reason to continue with its operations.

Please stop being so naive!

Ms Levantine said...

Raja and Doha, we are Lebanese, we are not naive, we are paranoid and world specialist in conspiracy theories. We all know that once the Shebaa farms are liberated, HA will want to liberate the 7 villages, and then Jerusalem... and that eventually they will become more formidable once the Iranians have nuclear weapons. We all agree here that HA needs to change. My point is that it is not by accusing them of not being Lebanese when they claim to have liberated the country that we are going to achieve our goals. It is hard to argue that if you are pro-Syrian and pro-Iranian you are anti-Lebanese, but if you are pro-KSA/USA/France you are a worthy patriot. As far as I am concerned in both case you are not Lebanese. Before we change HA we need to change the rules of the sectarian game. Not being able to do it has been our major failure in the past year.

hummbumm said...

Keep saying it Raja, maybe it will get through. i mean Nasrallah himself states his ultimate loyalty to Khameini, he states that the liberation of Jerusalem is the ultimate goal etc... these are not lebanese goals. Lebanese goals are a quiet border, and for the palestinians, improving the civil rights of palestinians living within lebanon, not training hamas militants and iraqi militants etc....

Jamal said...

raja- yours is one point of view. The other point of view is that you need HA to put Lebanon in a position of strength and sees it as naive to think that you can depend on the US or UN or our Arab Brothers for protection because that route has been tried before and all we got was suffering.

Either way, the central government's job is to build a strong economy,a strong army , and strong social programs over all the Lebanese territory and that is how you render HA obsolete.
That is how I would do it, not through a confrontation without any clear strategy. That is just very dangerous.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« …not through a confrontation without any clear strategy. That is just very dangerous »… and dangerously close to the Cheney/Al-Saud masterplan to turn Lebanon into some kind strategic beachhead cum recreational bordello for warmongering US marines and their idiotic/goateed Salafist friends

Anonymous said...

de la vega,

Perhaps you ought to get a new theme going, no? You have been pursuing the same tired old theme for way too long. I think I speak for many when I say, you have become quite boring. In fact, I doubt many people are still actually reading your posts.

A new can do it!
And I am here to help. Let's have you start by you posting three full sentences that do not include the words: Wahabi, Salafist, or Harrirista.


Anonymous said...

Wasnt the evil guy in the Grandizer TV Series called Vega?

Doha said...

As I wrote before, HA and Amal want everyone to say that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, without asserting its Lebanese identity internationally, through the UN. If HA gives in to the demands of the March 14 bloc, which is namelely proving that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese by taking it to the UN, puts HA in a position where it is caving in to a pure "Lebanese" agenda, which is defining its resistance role to this small geographic location, and also defining its resistance role to a certain time frame, which ends after the Shebaa Farms are evacuated by the Israeli troops, and by that torpedoing its regional ambitions to liberate Jerusalem and defend Iran's flank from Israel.

I don't see why everyone else needs to say that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese, without making this move official through the UN. In order for March 14 to continue to name the resistance by its name, Sayyid Nasrallah needs to choose the Lebanese agenda on Monday.

Anonymous said...

You all seem to be missing the point here. Yeah HA gets its support from Iran and Syria, yeah its agenda is obviously not Lebanese. We can say the same when the Maronites invited the Syrians into Lebanon in the first place or when every sect sided with some international power during the civil war. HA really gets its support from the hundreds of thousands of Shia that live in Lebanon. You think they would be anything without this support. If you ask an average shia why they support HA they give a very plain and simple answer... "you think we want to go back to living like we did before the civil war, a bunch mtwele walking around as servants." You really should stop looking at Hassan Nasrallah to disarm HA, he never will. Like every other Lebanese political or religious figure his power is based on a confessional system and as long as the shia feel insecure about their political power they will always want to have HA. Lets be honest here HA, Syria and Iran put together have no way of defending against an Israeli invasion. HA is only there to cause some damage to a few Israeli towns. YAY!! they nuked us but at least we killed a couple of their cats. The real issue here is the shia in Lebanon and once their fear of pre-civil war political, social, and cultural treatment has been diffused maybe they wouldn’t need a group like HA to protect them. Maybe they will start thinking like Lebanese. I’m not trying to say that the shia are the only ones that think religion before country. The whole country is that way. It’s sad sometimes I think I’m the only Lebanese out there. The problem with Lebanon is not Syria or America or Israel or Iran. The problem with Lebanon is that there are no Lebanese.


Lira = 1500 said...

Just a friendly reminder Adam:

The Syrians infiltrated the Lebanese borders since the early 70's with thousands of Palestinian guerillas.

The Palestinian guerillas started the war agaisnt the Christians.

The Muslim street supported the Palestinian guerillas.

The Christians were cornered thus they called for Syria.

Anonymous said...

Why the explanation on why the Syrians were "invited"? I am curious....

why-discuss said...

I would like to add a few things. Raja is giving lot of allegations about Hezb international terrorist network. If this was true, why is it that only the US treats them as a terrorist organization? Is the rest of the world stupid enough to allow 'secrets cells' in their country?. Come on, this is the US and Israel propaganda to eliminate one by one all strong opponents to Israel. You seem to be obsessed by Syria ( and Iran?) been the ennemy number of Lebanon. I believe the ennemy number one of Lebanon is itself and Israel.
Israel would be so delighted if the Hezb is disarmed and a meagre Lebanese army takes over the south.
They can then freely move around in the south and who knows maybe decide that CANA is part of great Israel. Who will defend Lebanon? the UN who has been incapable of implementing ANY of the multiple resolutions that requires Israel to withdraw or the US who is paralyzed by the powerful jewish lobby and their chaotic war in Irak?

As long as Lebanon has no powerful army to counterbalance the greed of Israel, there will be a need for a deterrent force. I am sure the HA would integrate its 'powerful arsenal' to the lebanese army if it trusts the lebanese goverment. But if parasites, like Jumblatt, keeps trying to get their own ego boosted by courting the neo-cons and pro israelis lobbies in the US and if Hariri continues betraying Nasrallah after he gave him his voices to save the elections, where is the trust building?
Instead of hammering on the Sheeba farms, which are totally irrelevant, we should look at the broader picture and the geopolitical forces that are now struggling around Lebanon and influencing these leaders who have no clue about ruling a country...
This is why I reiterate that they have a lot to learn from Nasrallah.

Raja said...


thanks for your well-written contribution to this entry. I believe that you do touch upon one significant dimension of what is going on in Beirut

Why Discuss,

both Jordan and Egypt have signed peace deals with Israel. Have you heard of Israeli jets flying other either country? have you heard of Israeli artillery pounding villages in either country? have you heard of Israeli settlers claiming land in either of those countries?

Doha said...

Why Discuss, I think that the Shebaa Farms IS one of most contentious issues on the negotiating table.

hummbumm said...

The conundrum is this: If Hizbullah was integrated into the lebanese state, it cannot act against Isreal without severe repercussions for the lebanese state. If it is not part of the lebanese state, the lebanese state is rendered totally ineffective etc...
As Raja pointed out jordan and Egypt whose militaries are inferior to Israel have a secure border. It is not military might that will protect lebanon or shadowy third party groups. It is rule of law. People honestly overestimated the damage hizbullah can do to Israel, and seem to forget or underestimated the blowback that lebanon could suffer in return. So this hizbullah defense card is crap, even if it was under state control in which case it could never be exercised which takes us back to the beginning. others have pointed to shia prestige being at stake, in which case HA's weapons are for internal politicking which they deny.
All these guys who support HA, I say why not set up another militia, let us call it the lebanese forces, which will target Syria to provide lebanon with a defense against syria because no one else is capable to help us. It will not be under central control and will be drawn from one religious sect. Its weapons only for defense of course against the syrian threat, and it will be funded by outside powers. It will run great social programs etc.. Why not?

Raja said...

Amazing point, hummbumm... let's rearm all the sects in Lebanon and have them promise that the barrels of their guns will always point outside the country!

Jamal said...

humm and raja-
I don't know how i ended up being the HA mouthpiece, but i'll play along :o)
The HA experience proved to be an effective "defensive" formula against a specific threat. We do need a defense formula to stop Syrian Mukhabarat activity, and all spying activity for that matter. Can this group that we called "lebanese forces" provide that? If yes, then they are more than welcome to do it. Anything to provide security for the Lebanese and save lifes. As long as it can prove through its work ethic and record that they are solely interested in defending Lebanon from said threat.

Now ultimately, and I hope for it to happen ASAP, all this is the government's job to do. It takes time to build a strong government, let's not forget we've been out of occupation for less than a year, and we are not yet fully independent. It takes time to get to a strong state. We are a lot closer today than we were a year ago. What we need is a clear step-by-step strategy to reach that strong state and not political bickering and score settling.

"Expelling" HA today without a clear drawn out road map to the strong modern state is like taking an Advil to cure your cancer. It will do us absolutely no good. They have expressed a will to disarm as part of a defense strategy, let's take them up on that and develop the capable army meanwhile. There is no harm in waiting 3-5 years even 10 years for such action if it will bring all parties together.

All the slogan filled speeches and the demagogical rallies, sound and look pretty, but all they accomplish is a confrontation between a Lebanese team and a Lebanese team, sure one team might win, but that will not build a nation.

The birth of the Lebanon we ALL want will take time , it will not happen overnight. It will take a lot of hard work. But we all have to put hand in hand and do it together; if not, we don't deserve a nation.

frencheagle said...

just a small remark

everyone agree on disarming the hezbollah, but what differs is the method.

"let's rearm all the sects in Lebanon and have them promise that the barrels of their guns will always point outside the country! "

raja, do u want also the israelians and syrians to come back to disarm the hezbollah in the last extrem?

lebanon doesnt have any mean to disarm it by force, and therefore extreminising the speeches in order to push them to disarm is bullshit.
better to get to a point of mutual comprehension, and through negociation

we have to differenciate short term goal and long term goal.

short term, removing the threat, but not disarming directly , talking , having a dialog

long term, having a strong state that would finally face its social , security etc... responsibilities in order to remove the popular basement of many milicias that are acting in lebanon without or without guns.

the last question would be who to trust to achieve such goal and whose acting toward this objectives and i m sorry, when i see the future having on its side geagea and joumblatt, 2 warlords i m thinking they are not well placed to do such job

mohamad said...


I'm really sick if this statement repeated over and over again, as we haven't learned anything from the past yet. WTF is 'lebanese'? Is there some pure blood lebanese??! This is so childish.
Or is it a representation issue? In that matter Hizbullah is the most lebanese representing the largest sect in lebanon.
Or is about external connections and working for the ousiders benifits? Then Jumby, mini-hariri in that term and simply americans (not to say traiters)!!

I couldn't see a bad/verified thing in the list you provided!!

And jumby/mini-hariri should decide whether they work for lebanon or not.

They should decide 'WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE LEBANESE'. Putting it in you childish way, although I don't like to say that way!!!
And the final lines:
"If Hizballah's leadership decides that it is not Lebanese, then the Lebanese, led by the Shi'a population, should unite and either force it to become Lebanese or expel it from our country"

Those are really funny naive words (sorry). As if it is black and white issue and at certain time hizbullah will declare 'I'm not lebanese'!! Yeah, just tell me how this can happen!!
A peice of advise dear raja: "try not to listen to much to US Media" it is teaching you rubbish.


Raja said...


I am not going to try and convince you, because it is impossible to convince a Lebanese with words. Lebanese believe what their families tell them first, because the truth in Lebanon has nothing to do with rationality and everything to do with loyalties.

See things as you wish, my friend. I am too blind to change your mind.... not only do I watch American TV, but our loyalties (and hence our truths) are different!

Hizballah, which is effectively a state within a state, and gets funding as well as direction from Iran, is purely Lebanese. 3ala rasi ou 3ayni!

why-discuss said...

If Hezbollah is so insignificant to face Israel, why is Israel so adamant to have it disarmed? Israel has a clear strategy: It wants to neutralize any, I say any, country or group that object to their existence as a racist jewish state. With the money of the US, they have neutralized Egypt and Jordan, who are now ruled by "democratic dictators". They are jubilating ( and probably contributing )to the chaos in Iraq, as an united Iraq would be their worst nightmare.
Hezbollah may not be a heavy threat for Isreal, but it is a symbol of a force that has succeeded in having them withdraw from occupied land. This has created a precedent they want to obliterate from the mind of the arabs. The fall of the hezbollah would be a victory for Israel and the ultimate acceptance of its regional power. Is this what Lebanese wants?

Anonymous said...

I think the year was 2000 when Jumblatt declared from Qatar that Shebaa Farms are not Lebanese. But, then he felt the heat from both Syria and the Hizb. He got a stern warnning from the Syrians and the Hizb before returning home.
Jumblatt all along knows that Shebaa is a pressure ticket in the hands of Syria. Syria has no regards for shebaa citizens what so ever. Just like the Golan Hieghts. A Druze friend one time told me the Golan looks like Europe compared to what Hafez had there.

hummbumm said...

AS others have said, if everyone wants to attack Israel, fine, let us attack from the Golan, from Jordan, from egypt and from Lebanon. But why is lebanon supposed to be the only front? Screw that. For the guys who want war. It would be more successful to have a multi pronged attack if "the arabs" were serious... That is all crap of course, so we can go back to Hizbullah being a state within a state playing the foreing policy goals of Iran and Syria and not lebanon.