Saturday, March 11, 2006

Army Statement

On Beirut, 10 March, the Guidance Directorate of the Army Command issued the following statement:

Following a series of inquiries and investigation, the Army Intelligence Directorate managed to uncover and arrest elements of a security network comprised of Lebanese and Palestinian individuals in the regions of Beirut, Al-Biqa and the south who had gathered explosives, missiles, bombs, weapons and ammunition from several Lebanese regions, and stored them in caves and groves belonging to them in various regions for subversive and trading purposes. The stockpiled weapons and ammunition were confiscated and the arrested individuals were referred to the concerned judicial authorities.
Source: Lebanese National News Agency
Translation: BBC Worldwide Monitoring


frencheagle said...

theses people are said to be linked to fundamentalists from al qaida network and were planning or involved in actions from lebanon against north of israel

some of them are coming according to lebanese sources from maged al angar
(yah gr8 to liberate geagea, they released terrorists ...)

this is linked to zarkaoui statement that wished to enlager the iraqi conflict to syria and lebanon, to their latest action against israel in the end of december etc...

i guess this threat of getting destabilised by theses groups is the most important to deal with now.

besides that if we want to disarm the hezbollah, we need to secure at least lebanon from people like zarkaoui that is hitting shiits in iraq.
more then that, as i already said in a comment, the US army is giving equipment to the lebanese army not to deal with syrians or pro syrians infiltration in lebanon but to avoid a contamination of al qaida in lebanon (this according to the chicago tribune, an article i published on my blog under that link!87518942521B2CF2!1233.entry

the current syrian threat for me is due because we are passing from one period to another period, so it ll end by itself,

the current biggest threat for lebanon is that fundamentalist threat over all the middle east along with the exacerbation of the religious secterians and communautarism feelings and i m according more importance against that threat as it s a global one and not a located one, like what happened with the contamination of the arab nationalism that leaded us to the civil war.

Anonymous said...

At the moment Lebanon's biggest problem is the presence of a militia that cannot be held in check. A militia which has its own agenda, and which will stop at nothing to keep hold of its massive arsenal of weaponry.

Our second biggest problem is that the summer season is approaching and we may have to see Emile in his spedos, yet again. OK, I just changed my mind, this is our biggest problem. Hizbollah is fine.


frencheagle said...

@ anon 1.03

i m feeling that every time an anon is coming back we need to repeat ourself, maybe it s better to put a menue on profile to check in the end ..... or i dont know , a sort of history

this is very short term threats, i m not focusing on theses as i prefer to focus on medium to long term threats...

to answer u
about the hezbollah, i m quite sure on some points as follow:
1 we need to offer credible alternative to the shiits for them to accept to disarm, which means to disarm first the palestinians including in the camps in order to remove the threat of the antagism btw sunnits and shiit as it s the case in iraq that might be spreading to lebanon in the long term.
2 offer credible alternatives in the social - educational system as well

second comment. about emile lahoud, i guess u ll wait for long before he is getting ousted. the current so called majority missed this opportunity after the last elections and entered into the system.
the only way to remove him now is through the constitutional system and not through a petition or through making his elections canceled by "magical means" for reasons which states that in case his election is canceled, it means that all what happened since is canceled which is including the parlementary elections, which includes also the resignation of addoum, karamé, etc... i dont see any progress with all that.

lahoud can either give his demission and i m not believing he would do so, or they have to accuse him of high betrayel and therefore designate syria as a foreign country manipulating lebanon but in such case the current political class such as joumblatt, hariri gang even geagea since he was in the governement btw 90 to 92 can also be accused of high betrayal and therefore they wont ever do that

Anonymous said...

FrenchEagle, you are just re-hashing what the website posts on a regular basis. What next? Are you going to tell us how someone spilled orange colored paint into your car?? Oh wait..that was a blatant lie which Aon's aids were dumb enough to propagate on their website. What can I say, like leader, like followers..

with all due respect,

frencheagle said...

@ anon


seems u dont like the reality and of course u re changing of subject as far u re not having ANY valuable arguments to answer back

i m not reading as well i m not reading local press except lorient le jour most of the time but i m basing myself on foreign newspapers since the local ones doesnt seems to be independant.

all your answer is to the level of the clown Hashash trying to polemic without having any serious argument in order to attack back

on my side i m prefering to base myself on facts, figures etc..
facts : we re having a fundamentalism contamination in the Middle east spreading like the arabic nationalism in the 60's and 70's
this fundamentalism is sunnit based.
what the targets, of course the others meaning the christians, the shiits and the sunnits who are moderated.

go in egypt, the women that were wearing mini skirt in the 60's are having veiled girls now, look to that veiled barbie, and i m not talking about how the hamas is getting in power, etc...
lebanon's structure is quite close to the iraqi structure as a multi confessional society, we can see also that what can happen in iraq can spread to lebanon.
do u remember zarkaoui statement in december, enlarging his fight to lebanon and to syria?.
iraq acted like a vaccum for fundamentalists for the US army to kill them.
al qaida now understood it, and is trying to get ride of that entrapment through enlarging its actions to jordan, syria and lebanon, to reach to a point where everyone will be threatened and therefore to lead the US army not to be very able to treat this situation.
did u read the chicago tribune ?
they were stating that the US army is going to give night vision material to the lebanese army, not to treat the entry of weapons to the hezbollah or palestiniens camps but because, according to this article of fears of fundamentalist
did u read janes? the strategist review for armies? they published an article about a possible contamination of the iraqi civil war toward syria and lebanon.
did u listen to some foreign army officials and officers (on my side i heard french officers) stating abroad that they are making plans to intervene in case in lebanon

i think u re not at all conscient of the importance of theses threats against lebanon.
the syrian threat i think is treatable and i m feeling more it s the way a dead man is trying to save its life.
the hezbollah can be disarmed in case of garantying at least the safety of the shiit community in case we re having the sunnit fundamentalism threats.
this is why we need a strong state

whatever u would say from now about color or whatever is reflecting more your ignorance about facts