Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lebanese Engineers in the Gulf

Almost as if on queue, I bumped into this interesting piece of information:

In January of 2006, the Khaleej Times interviewed a high-ranking member of Lebanon's Contractor Association by the name of Sa'did Fathah. Mr. Fathah claims that over 9,000 Lebanese construction engineers are currently employed in the Gulf, and that 3,000 of those were hired in either 2004 or 2005.

Of course, statistics in Lebanon are almost unheard of... so this man's claims stand out because he presents numbers. But, to be honest with you, the impression I get is that the numbers he presents are quite miniscule.


ghassan said...

Raja, the number that you use,9000, is not miniscule but is so inflated that it cannot be even close to reality. Are you suggesting that one of every 400 Lebanese is a civil engineer and furthermore that he is employed in the Gulf area!!!! The number must be much less than that for the whole of lebanon.

reem said...


it seems to me that this number (3000) is quite large too, especially if it refers to 2004-05 only! As you know I lived in Abu Dhabi for many years, and there are many Lebanese engineers, and of course many Lebanese are now emigrating there to work in other areas such as services and finance- but with all the new projects being born in the UAE and elsewhere in the Gulf, I wouldn't be surprised that the demand for engineers is still those figures are perhaps not very far from the truth

Raja said...

Ghassan, Reem,

my bad! I don't manage numbers very well. Maybe there is a mix-up with terminology. Maybe the guy meant "Lebanese working in the construction industry."

Or Maybe the guy was just being Lebanese and throwing out numbers to impress the journalist...

who knows? We don't have official statistics!