Saturday, March 05, 2005

Bashar's Speech

Some points I noticed:

1. He left the Lebanon issue to the end of his speech.

2. "If they want me to leave Lebanon, I'll leave it - but I'll destroy it first!" - that was written all over his face!! DIVIDE LEBANESE was the main (if not the exclusive) theme of his speech...

3. His target audience was obviously the Muslim population in Lebanon. I hope that Muslim patriots don't fall for that crap.

4. He claimed that Syria was already withdrawing beginning in 2000, so international pressure did not play a role in his decision to withdraw. To that ridiculous claim, I say this: Why stage 40,000 troops in Lebanon, if you only need a couple thousand mukhabaratis and a few more Lebanese collaborators?

5. His "speech" was more of a press conference than a formal "presidential speech to the nation"....

6. His laughs were rediculous...

7. and his jokes were so Homsi!


Tempest said...

Bashar is cornered, his inexperience is showing, and he will lose.

That is not the problem, just like I mentioned earlier. The problem is that even now, Hizballah advocates accuse the entire national opposition of being weak, Isaeli agents. They threaten to use there weapons, and dare anyone to talk back. They need to be dealt with.

Raja said...

Hizballah will be dealt with through negotiations. My friend, when you wish to know what the position of a movement is, you listen to the leaders - not the rifraf on the streets.

For that reason, I am very skeptical about some doomsday reports about Hizballah letting its cannons loose on the opposition.

ZouNazar said...


he said it at least ,he will withdraw

partially or completely let us see next week

this is not the first time strangers laughed on us


Mustapha said...

Raja, you said: "My friend, when you wish to know what the position of a movement is, you listen to the leaders"
but this is exactly what syrians rely on when they assassinate moderate and wise leaders like hariri. I wouldn't be surprised if they do the same to nasrallah, especially now that he is holding talks with the opposition, remember, hariri never declared he was with the opposition, he was just sending signs, so let's hope nassrallah be careful..

on a lighter note, check out my parody of Assad's speech on my blog :) and tell me what you think..