Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Reuters On Nasrallah's Al-Manar Interview

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Pro-Syrian Hizbollah guerrillas will keep their weapons despite U.S. pressure and the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, the group's chief said on Wednesday.

"I'm holding on to the weapons of the resistance because I think the resistance ... is the best formula to protect Lebanon and to deter any Israeli aggression," Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said in a live television interview with Hizbollah's al-Manar station.

Asked for how long the group would keep its weapons, he said:

"As long as Lebanon is threatened, even if we remain threatened for a million years, our will to our children, grand children and great grand children is that their national, human, moral and religious holy duty is to protect their people."


RG said...


Coup d'Etat against Syria's President Asad IN DAMASCUS by the military who does not want a withdrawal from Lebanon!

Jen said...

"As long as Lebanon is threatened, even if we remain threatened for a million years..."

Ah yes, the old "we are protecting you against outside threats" line -- the stand-by of every ruthless, brutal freedom-stomping, fear-inspiring dictatorship from Hitler to Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot and on and on. And somehow, those dictatorships always, always had outside threats to protect against. Never mind that they actually posed a greater threat to their own populations than any outside nation.

Raja said...


I've checked with my family back home. They have some contacts in Syria, and say that nothing is happening.

I don't know...

Rustom Ghazale was in Beirut today!!! If there was a struggle for power in Damascus, then he should have been there right?

Anyways, things will clear up in a few days.

Brian H said...

Yeah, the old protection racket thing. I doubt it will stick. Such bluster is far from being a sign of strength.