Thursday, March 24, 2005

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RG said...

"Syria has no intention of relinquishing power. Working in concert with its counterparts in Iran, Syria has developed a plan that entails deploying terror and intelligence networks inside Lebanon to orchestrate a series of subversive activities to prove that Syria is needed to maintain security.

Already in existence is a coordinated network of pro-Syrian groups under the direct command of the Syrian intelligence service in Damascus. This network includes the Syrian Social-Nationalist Party (SSNP), the intelligence services of the Lebanese and Syrian regimes, and the intelligence network of the Republican Guard, headed by Col. Moustafa Hamdane."

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Brian H said...

Why 2 esses in Atlas? ;)

Maybe someone will give Syria enough to worry about at home . . . of course, without Lebanon to leech off of, the regime is doomed, so it will do everything it can to keep control. But there are no allies in sight, and it has little to work with if consensus hardens against it.

Esther said...

It has an ally in Iran, unfortunately but you're right about few others if any. Here's hoping...

Raja said...

It's kinda interesting to notice the alliances that have taken shape in Lebanon.

Syria and Iran were always bickering amongst each other for control and influence over lebanon. The Iranians had Hizballah and the Syrians had almost everything else (including Amal - the other Shi'a party that challenged Hizballah).

I even remember watching a documentary that highlighted military confrontations between Syrian troops and Hizballah militiamen.

Confrontations betwen the syrian-backed Lebanese state and hizballah are even more embedded in the public psyche.

Despite this negative history between Hizballah and Syrian/Lebanese state, the former has decided to ally with the latter, and stand as the only real protection against the demands of the opposition.