Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yet another bomb!

Events on the ground are proving that the Syrians have not left Lebanon. They have withdrawn some of their troops and ostensibly closed their "intelligence offices" in Beirut and a few towns, but they still control Lebanon.

I have arrived at a conclusion: Everytime Lahoud "releases a statement," I will ignore that it came from that sorry-excuse-for-a-president; and tell myself that it was released direct from Damascus. Lahoud is nothing but the face of the Syrian apparatus in Lebanon. Until Lebanon is clensed from both him and that apparatus, I will not consider my country liberated.

I have also arrived at another conclusion: Wi'am Wahhab has to be arrested with all the other traitors once all this is over. He is the prototypical Syrian stooge. A few months ago he was a worthless journalist. Then the Syrians shoved him into Omar Karami's government; and today, as a "former minister" he has the god given right to spill his venom onto the airwaves -- How Syrian can this get???


Mustapha said...
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Mustapha said...

Raja, Wi'am wahhab's appointment was simply because the 'government' ran out of Druze, so they had to dig in the dirt to find something..

it's stinky but it works

The Beirut Spring

Gateway Pundit said...

Raja- Good analysis. I am going to post it on my site.


Anonymous said...

I've been kicking around how long it takes to "clense" a modern country when an autocratic occupier exits. Examples are in Eastern Europe after the USSR. In the case of Ukraine it took about 15 years; Czech Republic was a shorter time.

Then again most of the Eastern European countries had fewer obstacles than Lebanon such as fewer ethnic rivalries (except for Yugoslavia - which is more like Lebanon than the rest of Eastern Europe), heavily armed militias with foreign backing and the Eastern Europeans had willing military supporters in the form of NATO. From where I sit, Lebanon's complete independence may be years or decades away.