Monday, March 14, 2005

Lebanon's biggest party ever!!!!! Posted by Hello
Maronites, Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Sunnis, Shi'as and Druze all united for Lebanon!
(Hizballah by no means represents all of Lebanon or Lebanon's Shia population)


AndreaBau said...

Dear Raja, first of all I wanted to congratulate with you for the success of yesterday's demonstration. After seeing all the people hezbollah managed to get in the streets I was worried that your spring was over, but as I can see you're strong and you won't be scared by a well organized demonstration. I sincerely hope that your country will be a strong democracy and a guiding light in the Middle East, you're already setting a strong precedent, other countries will follow your example. Secondly I wanted to tell you something: your national flag is really beautiful! I love travelling and in every country I go I buy a small sewable flag and I put it on my backpack, well, I can't wait to visit Lebanon and add yours :))) Best regards and good luck for your future!

Solomon2 said...

Yes, this is Lebanon's chance! A decade ago, the Syrian dictator would simply invade the country and destroy the rebelling cities.

But today, coalition troops are on Syria's doorstep. The Iraqi re-enslavers are in decline, and U.S. troops have the means to mount a counter-invasion of Syria and quickly topple the Asad regime.

So Asad is effectively paralyzed. Why not go for it?

The Sandmonkey said...

Hey Raja,

will you please go to my blog and talk to Karim over there? I have been talking about getting Syria Out, the reasons for the current conflict and wanting Lebanon to be free and independent and i am egyptian. He is supporting Syria and is accusing me of "giving the west the wrong picture" and he is lebanese. Will you please talk some sense into him or something?

Anonymous said...

I am a born and bred Sunni Syrian and I wish all the Lebanese people success in their brave opposition and peace in their beautiful country. Salam.

Nightfighter said...

Congratulations, keep the pressure on Syria and all enemies of a free Lebanon.

Raja said...


thanks for your comment! I know that Syrians are also being oppressed. I look forward to the day Syria becomes a stable, liberal and economically prosperous democratic state. I still stand by my earlier statement that an MEU (Middle Eastern Union) can only be for the benefit of us all.

First, however, let us work on our own individual countries.

Raja said...


Come visit us whenever you can! I guarantee you'll enjoy your stay.

AndreaBau said...

I'm sure I will enjoy my stay. You know, my wife is Bosnian and another girlfriend of hers, a Bosnian too, is married to a Lebanese man. They live in Sweden but last summer they went to Lebanon and when we visited them in Sweden we saw the pictures and the movie from their holiday, I was really astonished by your country, by the beauty of Beirut's centre, by the impressiveness of the mountains, by the Roman ruins, and the thing that most amazed me was a castle which was built by a single man and his family, I don't know if you're familiar with it (probably you are), I was astonished by the beauty of that place and the genius and stubborness of the man who built it. So I'm definitely coming soon :)