Monday, March 14, 2005

UN Team To Announce "THE TRUTH"

UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination
March 14, 2005
The Independent

"As the UN’s Irish-led special investigation team here prepares to report that the Lebanese authorities have covered up the evidence of the February 14 murder of former prime minister Rafik Hariri, the murdered statesman’s two sons have fled Lebanon after hearing that they, too, may be assassinated in the coming week...

US President George W Bush is expected to announce this week that Syrian – and perhaps Lebanese – military intelligence officers were involved in Hariri’s killing; the bombing took the lives of 18 other civilians.

The UN’s Irish, Egyptian and Moroccan investigation team has now been joined by three Swiss bomb experts following the discovery that many of the smashed vehicles in Hariri’s convoy were moved from the scene of the massacre only hours after the bombing and before any time for an independent investigation.

Yesterday, frogmen were sent into the sea off the Beirut Corniche to recover the wreckage of the one car in the Hariri convoy that was not taken away by the authorities because it was blasted over a hotel wall into the Mediterranean by the force of the explosion. If they successfully recover parts of the vehicle, they may be able to discover the nature of the explosives....

Some members of the Hariri family have been told that the report of the UN enquiry team will be so devastating that it will force a full international investigation of the murder of ‘Mr Lebanon’ and his entourage..."

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