Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Where Are You Hariri? Why Did You Leave Us Alone?

I'm just amazed at the stark contrast in our country...I'm just amazed.

I'm right now just listening to Sayyid Nasrallah's speech as he talks to the loyalist crowds.

"Beirut: Sharon destroyed it and Assad protected it." That's what he just said. But Assad didn't interfere in Lebanon and sacrificed the lives of its soldiers for the sake of Lebanon and the Lebanese with no price in mind. There was definitely a price and they entered into Lebanon for clear, apparent strategic reasons of course.

I feel that as he talks, Lebanon is truely divided and this pains me much. Hariri's spirit is never to confront the international community, never to disregard a UN resolution. So in my mind, I feel that Hariri's soul would be pained by all of this.

Hizbullah of course is worried for itself, because 1559 targets it directly. You know? Hizbullah is trying to make it that today the people are gathered selflessly for the sake of the resistance. No! I come from the North, and I can say with confidence that Franjieh's Zgharta never got involved in the resistance and couldn't care much, frankly. Most importantly for them are the historical relations the Franjieh's have with Syria. And then the Alawites in Tripoli or Akkar were never involved in the resistance either. They were in fact recently naturalized, as they were Syrian citizens most of whom moved to northern Lebanon during the civil war.

So each group present in Tuesday's demonstration are there to protect their interests, just like they claim that the Opposition are there for the same reasons. No one is better than the other.

I'm dumbfounded because of the stark contrasts....pictures of Lahoud, the Assads, of Sayyid Nasrallah..."3ashat Souriyya Al-Assad."

So now he's addressing France's President Chirac. He's telling him that if you want to talk majority rules and democracy, then the majority (the crowds) are against 1559, are with Syria and the resistance. And now he's addressing President Bush.

You know? This is it. A demonstration to send messages to the West and Israel that Hizbullah is there and is capable of garnering the majority backing. An intimidating speech...

Arent's we sick of this talk. Why can't they just talk about us, the Lebanese, our plight, our situation, our sovereignty, hope, the future...why intimidation? why threats? why speeches to the US, France, or Israel?

I'm growing skeptical of all this...Where are you Hariri? Why did you leave us alone?


Anonymous said...

We are not alone.
Hariri is with us in spirit, and the whole world which loved him is with us in force.
Lets make his dream a reality...

ThinkingMan said...

Good Comments. Don't worry. Hizbullah's power is dwindling. See my commentary:

Roy Saad said...

Think about this: If the Syrians were to withdraw from Beirut to the South (not to the bekaa), would you have seen anyone from Hezbollah protesting and thanking Syria ?