Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The System is Crumbling!

The system is crumbling! 48 hours before Fitzgerald's report is read out loud to the whole world, the magistrate charged with overseeing the Hariri murder investigation Abu Arraj stepped down... (funnily enough, it's almost like black comedy, Rabiah Qaddoura charged him with overseeing now the Jamil El-Sayyid file....)


Anonymous said...

Here is Bill Clinton's take on the murder of Hariri. The full article is at

From the Syrian’s point of view Rafiq Hariri had to die, because he wanted them to leave. And he as a billionaire had the clout to gather international support for this idea. He was the one who asked the US and France to support United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559, which calls upon Syria to leave Lebanon.

Some US commentators say the Hariri murder might have been organized by Syria’s old guard without the knowledge of Syria’s young, inexperienced president Bashar Assad. This is an old myth dictators create to deflect responsibility.

Go back into history and you will see texts in old Roman books saying, the emperor had raised taxes for instance and the population, who didn’t want or dare attack the emperor for his mistake, they would say the emperor’s underlings had made the mistake without the emperor knowing.

I read books in which Germans, whose family members had been hauled off to concentration camps by the Nazi’s, said “If only Herr Hitler knew about this situation, he’d do something about it”. Well Herr Hitler knew about it and had actually ordered it.

amal said...

news update: Fitzgerald is expected to present his report to the UN Security Council tomorrow. Note that Annan said in Algiers he believes "a comprehensive investigation may be necessary". This is before Fitzgerald even reported his findings.