Friday, March 18, 2005

intelligence services respond!

Tonight, 12:30 AM in Beirut, a car-bomb exploded in a suburb of Beirut. The car exploded in a commercial strip, and initial reports indicate that the casualties are few.

This is Jamil el Seyyed's warning. He's not going down without a fight. Tonight it was in a sparsly populated area; tomorrow, who knows!

Yesterday he gave an unprecedented press conference in which he proclaimed that he would "sue himself for neglegence" - all of you know what I think about that (if you don't, read my last post).

Almost all politicians condemned him for doing so. Their reason: the Lebeanese constitution stipulates that bureaucrats are barred from interacting with the public. Their only means for doing so are through the people's representatives (ministers and parliament members).

I guess that we've just received his response: "If I can't talk, who's gonna stop me from blowing things up?"

What should we expect next? A State of Emergency?


Solomon2 said...

Lebanon's opposition says Syria behind car bomb

Really? Now that the Syrians have mostly left, isn't it convenient to blame them, now that they can't kill their accusers? It may thus be safer to accuse Syria than to expose the real perpetrators, n'est-ce pas?

Raja said...


the Syrians haven't left yet. And anyways, the security apparatuses that they built for Lebanon... i.e. the Lebanese intelligence services is still the same. These people are now fighting tooth and nail to save their necks!

Solomon2 said...

Thank you, Raja. I don't see how the bombing can help them, but maybe that's because the "intelligence" services are in their own never-never land.