Monday, March 14, 2005

Iranians... take heed... see the alternative!

The Iranian regime is represented in Lebanon today by Hizballah - that is no big secret.

The protest last Teusday was vintage Iranian - it is easy to have pictured the Iranian "Supreme Leader" or one of the other religious zealots giving a speach rather than Nasrallah.

I hope Iranians see today's protest. I want the reformists to see Lebanon today -- to see the alternative. I want the reformist in Iran to take heart - to be encouraged - to be reinvigorated.

A theocratic state is not the only path!!!

Get rid of your misery! Get rid of your shackles!

Fight for Freedom!


RG said...

The news of the huge anti-Syrian demonstration in Beirut is making headlines on the U.S. Main Stream Media's news websites today.

Raja said...


as usual al-Jazeera's coverage of the events on the ground is lacking - to say the least.

Happy people pouring onto the streets and asking for freedom and sovereignty (among other things) is pretty infectious.

I hope other Arabs (and the Iranians) see what is happening in Lebanon. It is obvious that the regimes are trying to "contain" us - I hope they don't succeed.

yochanan said...


Anonymous said...

The Iranians see what's happening and are very heartened. But please don't make the mistake of thinking that reformists are any different than Khamenei and his thugs. They're just trying to save their ass by washing their hands before the shit hits the fan big time. The majority of Iranians don't want the KKK (Khomeini, Khamenei, Khatami). They just want to live peacefully in a prosperous, independent, free country. We're sick of seeing turbans and beards everywhere.