Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nasrallah's press conference

Nasrallah's press conference was exactly what I predicted it would be. He basically stated his own position: Lebanon will remain on a state of beligerancy with Israel - and Hizballah will remain at the forefront of this conflict. Hizballah will not disarm.

He acknowledged the opposition as a significant political force in the country. He acknowledged that the state was the priority, and that it would be the means through which Lebanese would solve their problems.

Nasrallah indirectly lambasted the pro-Syrian "protests" that took place yesterday. But he called for a protest on Tuesday. Flexing his muscles, I guess.

That is also expected. Now that the Syrians are withdrawing, the political forces in Lebanon are beginning to stake their claims, and rally behind agendas and banners.

Two things worry me. 1 - why the hell can't political discourse of Lebanon revolve around debate concerning a better future? Hizballah has just asserted that the discourse (or atleast a considerable portion of it) will remain the "Arab-Israeli conflict". 2 - Syria's puppets are going to crawl under the umbrella of Hizballah to claim some kind of popular backing.

Lets see how things fall through.

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