Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahmadenijad proclaims the death of Liberalism - Run!!!

My favorite days of the week are when the Ahmadenijads and Bin Ladins of this world, all-knowingly proclaim the "defeat/end/collapse/etc... of democratic and liberal systems."

Wow. defeat? Defeated by what? By a theocratic state that has contributed nothing to this world except angst and repression? Or by a sexually repressed and frustrated man who lives his life in caves?

The Iranian regime is saved from the world's wrath, not because of its inherent strength... but rather because of the inherent divisiveness of the international community. Bin Laden, will die and leave nothing behind except the legacy of a deranged idiot.

Even the so-called nuclear technology that "Iranians" are developing has basically been bought and paid for from the Russians. It is so hard to listen to the Supreme Idiot in Tehran proclaim his country's "technological triumphs" when all he has to show for them are obsolete and purchased technologies, as well as the remnants of the Shah's economic/military legacy.

Death of liberalism and democracy indeed! I wish I could proclaim the death of the "Islamic revolution," (whatever that means) and of "political Islam," except, I can't.... Both these entities were never alive to begin with!


JoseyWales said...

In the meantime, tonight at AUB, our illuminated literati will be flocking to hear another failure, and defender of Castro, Saddam, OBL, and the Taliban;

The so-passe Noam Chomsky.

PS. They'll go there and feel great, cuz he's Jewish and he's pro-arab(ist), don't you know, Dahlin.

Anonymous said...

Raja, fantastic post.

So long as these "leaders" have followers, the entire region will remain unstable. These idiots have ruined our chances of ever leading a prosperous, rewarding life in our native countries.

What is especially frustrating is the fact that Lebanon will eternally be dragged down by such backwards ideologies. It is noteworthy that "political islam" has proven to be highly infectious not just to muslims, but to christians alike! Clearly, many of our christian "leaders" are using the same tired old anti-west rhetoric routinely. Yes, I am talking about you, Emile.

This is also evident by the sudden romance that has developed between Micho Aon and Sayyed Hassounee. If it gets him the Baabda chair, Micho would be the first to shut down rabbyieh night clubs and ban rock & roll.


hummbumm said...

I have often wondered about how one can feel pride about your country purchasing technology developed elsewhere a longtime ago. It is like me buying a computer and then telling my neighbor how i am genius for designing and building this tool. I mean Iran's exports are oil, carpets caviar and terrorism, not exactly the highpoint of civilization and technology!
Oh well