Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Naharnet Spin!

I usually laugh at some of the things Naharnet publishes... however there was something special about the feature headline I read today morning:

Hariri Holds Talks With Putin to Drum Up Support for the Execution of U.N. Resolution 1680

Hariri??? Drumming up support for a resolution that the US, France, Germany and other powers are tierlessly shoving down Putin's throat! Who do these Naharnet people think Hariri Jr. is???

I wonder what Saad and his family are offering Putin as a carrot to "drum up his support" for the resolution? Does the Hariri family have a stick???

"Hey Putin, you'd better support that resolution, or else..."

or maybe,

"Hey Putin, BOO!"

or maybe,

"Hey Putin, I'll add $10 million dollars to your $1 trillion dollar fortune!"

Drumming up support ... uhuh!


bodhi said...

Biased Newssources do tend to put a spin on the parties they support, the Editor and Chief is hardcore pro-government (minus HA/Amal).

Anyhow, Dailystar is a safer bet always. You get Everything with them :)



Aounonymous said...

sorry bodhi, you're wrong on the daily star. the DS is a worthless paper which is barely capable of reporting simple facts. it's a crying shame that the DS is Lebanon's only english newspaper.

bodhi said...

Dear Anon,

no matter what you call the Daily Star, it remains to be more of an independent paper than most of the propaganda "window-wiping" stuff you get anywhere else in lebanon. It has a very diversified "view" of things, and is fairly extensive. Naharnet is more like a mouthpiece to project the Majority POV and is not the neutral paper that is capable to deliver a fair assessment of reality. Now wether you like it or not, thats a different question, we're talking about neutrality and independence!



Comte Almaviva said...

There is no diversity at the daily star. It is the voice of the arab neo-liberal par excellence. Its heavy praise and lack criticism of the Gulf monarchies is shameful, and exemplifies the hold KSA has on arab media, rather than negating it.

Remember that Michael Young is the opinions editor, and that shows heavily in the opinions page.

Vox said...

Why is Hariri talking to Putin? Officially, he's only an MP.

acrobat said...

i think he is threatening to bore him to death...
i wonder if putin has figured out that if junior becomes PM he'll have to listen to his nasal whining even more often.

Anonymous said...

he wanted to visit some russian chicks ...

that s all

putin: yes i ll provide you some chicks
hariri: thx dude, but plz tell to the media i m here to talk politics and not to fuck some girls