Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Maybe it's the contrast of making something beautiful out of something so ugly and destructive"

Going through my daily round of news (important) and blogs (not so important but addictive), i found a blog by Leila El-Haddad, a freelance journalist living in the Gaza Strip. I have found articles of hers posted on the Guardian Unlimited and Al-Jazeera (English version) and i have to say that I enjoy all of them very much.

She brings a new dimension to my list of blogs, and its great to read a little further than what is usually written in most newspapers here about the political situation in Palestine. More is always good.

One article (link below) of hers carries a personal touch, focusing on a family living in Israel's buffer zone. She even includes a little conversation with a young family member, which intrigued me quite a bit.

So, below is a link to the article i just recently read and a link to her blog. Check it out, you might like it.

Her article

Her blog


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