Saturday, May 27, 2006

An Invitation

I would like to invite anyone who is interested in writing a post on what they think about ADC by clicking on Admin.lebanesebloggers on the right hand side of this blog. This way commenters who would like to discuss the recently passed House Resolution 4681 or the upcoming Senate Resolution S2370 will be able to do so in the right place and commenters who would like to discuss ADC 's role can also do so in the right place. This will allow a better forum (and maybe even a broader one) on thoughts with respect to the role Arab American organizations play in the United States that will not overshadow other issues that are more specifically targeted.

Please note that the link was created by the gracious fingers of Raja Abu-Hassan in order to give LB readers a chance to voice their opinions post-wise, so treat it delicately and respectfully :)

In general, I hope this link will also serve as an opportunity for those of you who would like to write about or read other issues that me, Raja, Doha, Reem, Hassan, Firas and Hani G. do not discuss. The very reason this link was linked! :) (correct me if i am wrong Raja)...

Just in case: If anyone wants to send me a personal comment try

For those in the United States, have a good memorial weekend...!


√Član Vital said...

AcDC, the loud and obnoxious bunch, oops! wrong thread. (sorry folks, I couldn't resist :p)

May said...

Aren't you glad blogs exist?

Anonymous said...

ll pass

not having time for anything lately ;)

Hassan said...

Yes we are, May!

JoseyWales said...

I think you are ducking the issue, May.

You posted something (House Res 4681), told us TWICE you would further discuss it, and never did.

Think about it, your earlier post was just a call for ADC support (or anti-4681).

Fine, but then just call it that (and support your views).

May said...

Sorry Josey, I am not calling for ADC support, but if it makes you feel better....

On another note, I understand how it may seem that i am "ducking the issue" but one, you weren't really interested in the resolution, you were more interested in ADC and FGA followed along with it. The person i should really be discussing with is Yaman and the other guy who were the only ones who mentioned ONLY the resolution. (which admittedly i didn't do.)

Two, three weekend, work and papers. And sometimes just sheer laziness.

Three, i only realized what i was getting myself into after the fact..for that i apologize if it showed any misunderstanding. (ducking the issue, not willing to discuss it)... i would suggest you write a post about ADC :)


JoseyWales said...

Fair enough May, and thanks for the reply.

Re writing on ADC, very little interest, maybe some other time.

Good luck with work and papers.