Thursday, May 25, 2006

House Resolution 4681

For the past week, I have been figuring out how to introduce the recently passed House Resolution 4681- The Palestinian Anti Terrorism Act- to this blog.

Since this blog actively called for action among its readers to contact the Egyptian Embassy against the arrest of an Egyptian Activist , I thought why not post an action alert that would serve as informative and is action oriented.

Below is an ADC action alert on HR 4681 and S2370. Though HR 4681 has already been passed, the Senate Resolution 2370- sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) - is still on its way.

I hope to update this blog on this subject whenever i can.

For now, enjoy reading the House debate, who voted for and against the resolution, Congresswoman Betty McCollum's letter and what S2370 entails.

For those who are U.S. citizens...take some action! :)

Palestinian Bill Passes House
HR 4681 Passes, S2370 Now Under Consideration

Take Action!

Legislative Update on Palestinian Sanctions Bill

Washington, DC May 24, 2006 Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed HR 4681, The Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 by a vote of 361- 37, with 9 members voting present and 25 not voting on the bill. As HR 4681 had 295 cosponsors before it reached the floor, passage was certain; however, a tremendous grassroots campaign against the bill showed the bill’s sponsors the enormous amount of national opposition to their efforts. Your calls and letters also brought on an unprecedented frank debate about our nation’s policies concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lasting over three hours on the floor of the House of Representatives. To read the full transcript of the debate click here.

To find out how your Member of Congress voted, see the roll call vote for HR 4681. Please take a moment to contact your Representative to thank them for voting against or present on HR 4681 or tell them you were disappointed they supported the bill. Contact information can be found here.

Members of Congress face tremendous pressure when voting on legislation concerning Palestine. A staffer for a congressional member on the House International Relations Committee who during committee consideration voted against HR 4681, was told his boss’s ‘support for terrorists would not be tolerated,’ by one interest group. Read Congresswoman Betty McCollum’s (D-MN) letter to that organization at: ADC encourages our members to thank Congresswoman McCollum for her courageous stand at (202) 225-6631 and those like her who support a more balanced approach to our country’s relations with Israel and Palestine, one that is truly in America’s best interests.
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is deeply disappointed with the House of Representatives for approaching this conflict with punitive one-sided legislation that will do nothing to further peace between Israelis and Palestinians, will further isolate Palestinian moderates, and enhance the power of extremists. Increasing the impending humanitarian disaster in the West Bank and Gaza by adding more restrictions to American and international humanitarian aid will not change the results of a democratic election. Passage of HR 4681 will only limit options for the Administration, sever contact with moderate Palestinians, solidify anti-American sentiment in the Middle East, and add to another growing chaotic situation in the region.

ADC and its coalition partners, working for a just and lasting peace to the ongoing conflict, met with dozens of offices on Capitol Hill and delivered a list of over 300 national organizations opposed to HR 4681. Thousands of you emailed and called your House representatives about your opposition to the affect the bill’s draconian measures would have upon the Palestinian people and how it would limit America’s diplomatic leverage in seeking a resolution to the conflict. Despite the bill’s passage your efforts made a tremendous difference. As more Members of Congress learned of constituent and organizational opposition to the Palestinian sanctions bill they were able to speak and vote against this measure.

Attention will now shift to the United States Senate as it considers S. 2370 sponsored by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Although the Senate Palestinian Sanctions bill is not as draconian as the House bill, ADC still encourages our members to contact both of their senators asking them to oppose S 2370. Contact information can be found here.


Master Blaster said...

Excuse me, I don't follow. Take action for what exactly?

May said...


You mean in relation to the post?


Anonymous said...

Now let me see if I can get this mess straightened out. You oppose terrorism in Lebanon and Egypt amongst other places but you support it in the Palestinian territories. You are an opponent of HA but a supporter of Hamas. Could you please think your positions through before you post?

JoseyWales said...

My 2 cents:

The ADC can go strangle itself.

The ADC IS the problem.

Where were they on the Syria accountabilty act? Against it. (and I don't need to hear he convoluted reasons why.)

Lazarus said...

dear confused,

if the US senate, say, released a "Lebanese Bill" called the Lebanese Anti-terrorism Bill, and decided to target Lebanon as a nation (which entails more suffering on behalf of the Lebanese people) etc. etc. yada yada yada, would you have said what you said?

May is not forcing you to take action. You may not even want to. But don't be condescending to those who do think it is important.

and yes JW, the ADC are idiots.

JoseyWales said...


I've seen the ADC's mail on this. I guess they want you to write your Congressman/Senator and that Rep from Minnesota or wherever who voted against this thing.

A month ago, the ADC local chapter wanted people to write Brandeis University (a Jewish institution founded by a zionist), to protest their taking down of some Palestinian children paintings which depicted God knows what.

Really important crap.

PS Thanks for your support Laz.

JoseyWales said...

Oops, I guess we know what action the ADC is advocating. What Is May advocating?

Master Blaster said...

Actually, Lazarus, now that you mention it, if HA continues with their posturing, and they are not disarmed, and continue with this charade, we may indeed be facing the status of state sponsor of terrorism one day. Your solution is what exactly? Keep HA armed, keep Hamas armed and unhinged, and support them financially just so that one day we don't get into a mess because HA refuses to disarm?! That's the strategy here?

Lazarus said...

Keep HA armed, keep Hamas armed and unhinged, and support them financially just so that one day we don't get into a mess because HA refuses to disarm

Anton, please enlighten me. How was this extrapolated from my comment again?

Anonymous said...


I am absolutely dumbfounded. I never thought in a million years that we would agree on anything, but apparently we do!

In recent years, the ADC has transformed itself into an impotent, spineless, reactionary organization, which has completely lost its moral calling. An advocacy group is only worthwhile, when driven by logic, not blind hate and paranoia.


Yaman said...

I wrote a letter to the local newspaper about this bill.

Confused, this bill is not about condemning terrorism. I think everyone's position on that is very clear. The bill is ridiculous, it basically usurps US diplomatic ties with the PA from the executive branch to the AIPAC Congress. It also neglects to consider that international pressure will work more effectively in this case (eg, the US coordinating its moves with the EU) rather than a unilateral, ultimate, and complete boycott of the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Yaman got it right. The house bill is too harsh. It makes any work with the Palastinian government illegal. Instead of just punishing Hamas. Also it was timed on the day that Bush is meeting with the Isreali PM.

JoseyWales said...


There's hope for more then. ;)

May said...

Well, now that i have reached to the point where everytime i log in i cringe to what other pointless comments come out from this post....its time i say
something. do know that i could have take an action alert from any other organization... right?

And if you don't mind... if you REALLY REALLY have to criticize ADC could you be a little more constructive and specific? I mean ADC works on different fronts and i am not sure what specific aspects you are looking at.

boys, don't get me wrong ...i also have some criticisms of ADC unfortunately your criticisms are not helpful.

Yaman, thanks for posting your letter...i will check it out.

Laz- appreciate your comment.

Confused- who are you particularly referring to?

Josey- what is "the thing" and "God knows what." ?

In all cases, I will still be updating this blog on the senate resolution. The process should be interesting.

JoseyWales said...

OK May,

thing = resolution 4681

God knows what = Palestinian kids depiction of violence or terrorists or Israel. Kids painting for crying out loud, and Brandeis is free to do as it wishes on its campus.

I have nothing in common with ADC and don't want to be lengthy.

You want some specifics? I only hear from these creeps whenever their fetish Palestine is evoked, or when profiling comes up (yes, I favor profiling).

I never hear from them on Darfur, arrests in Syria, or Syria's meddling in Lebanon,etc. Maybe they said something about these things but they are keeping it really confidential.

Anonymous said...


As Josey mentions accurately, the ADC has dropped the ball on many occasions. Let me list a few.

1. They never denounced the aggression by an Arab country (Iraq) against a neighboring Arab country (Kuwait). Instead, they supported Iraq, simply because the rest of the world (namely the evil west) did not.

2. They never supported Lebanon against continued Syrian aggression. How come?

3. As Josey points out, where are they on the Darfour genocide issue???

4. Do they have a clear stand on kidnapped egyptian bloggers who chose to speak up? I doubt it...

So we should admre them because....??

Oh right, they throw a lavish party once a year, during their 'meat market' of a convention.


May said...


Did i ask you to admire them?

(I will get back to you on the rest, the second to last sentence caught my attention).

May said...

By now, all of you might have noticed that i have moved this discussion about ADC to an invitation.

I did this as i realized that discussions on this post is moving in a direction that deals with many issues in one. I have seen this many times on blogs and i don't want to be caught in it.

If anyone is interested check out the invitation, decide what you want to do with it. Hopefully if there is anyone else who would like to contribute on this post's subject. It will give them a chance.

Please remember that this post is not about ADC but about a House Resolution concerned with the Middle East.

Regardless of what i or you think of ADC, this was what i had chosen as a tool to discuss this issue.

If you are interested in discussing it (whether you are for, against or just neutral), read it carefully and reply wisely. If not, then don't bother. There are other posts to read and many other issues to discuss.

FGA and Josey, despite my disagreement on how you approached this post, your comments have been noted.

Until later...