Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Egyptian" Protesters in DC : 6

Including myself!

four were Americans from the International Socialist Organization,

one was an Egpytian who works with a nonprofit organization in Egypt and is currently in DC for some reason.

I used to think that the turn-outs to Lebanese events were low!!! Egyptians, it seems, have better things to do. I feel a bit saddened and proud at the same time.


Anonymous said...


I respect the cause and your move to protest for Alaa's release. I have my reservation on such issues, because I feel that Lebanon and Lebanese people have this big heart where they always want to support anyone who is suffering. However, unfortunately, I don't see the same thing happening for our problems. No one is that involved in our problems, not to say that they are even mocking us and screwing us all the time.

The Sandmonkey said...

Man, it was very short notice. But it's awesome that it happend anyway. Thank you so much. We should have better ones prepared next time. and the europe ones are already on the way

Anonymous said...

I think Raja was protesting in solidarity with a fellow blogger and a peace advocater, and in defense of free speech.

It is not an Egyption cause or an Arab cause, and has nothing to do with whether people support the Lebanese cause.