Monday, May 22, 2006

car for sale

The following has been making the rounds ...

Reem A.


bodhi said...

can you say Msafer (in the feminine sense)

i thought it was Msafra?

unless im missing something. Can someone please help me with my Lebanese Grammar skills please?

and on a sidenote: Where to? i hear jaipur is beautiful this time round!


z3ouré said...

Bodhi, it's a form of "dala3" (or endearment) to conflate the genders in various dialects; especially when expressing affection towards the opposite sex publicly.

bodhi said...

thank you z3oure,

And i just figured out that Wael Kfoury, Ragheb 3alehmeh, Rami 3ayash and others aren't neccesarily gay. They could be just singing using manterms dala3, lol

ok, tx and


vox said...

That's the deepest thing I ever read about Lebanese politics.

Anonymous said...

while z3oure's explaination is not wrong, I am afraid in this case it is much simpler ...
The person who is travelling and has a car for sale is a guy. :-)